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Healthy Acai Bowl

2016 Food Trends: Which Food will Break the Menus and Become an Instant Hit to Peoples' Palate

Baum + Whiteman, a New York based group, released their own predictions of foods that will be popular on restaurant menus straight to peoples plates and mouths all throughout 2016.

Holiday Cookies

Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Cookies for the Holidays

Now you can enjoy gluten-free cookies without feeling guilty of the calories and weight gain. The best thing about them? You don't need to buy special gluten-free all-purpose flour to make great gluten-free Christmas goodies.

Disney Productions

Korean Boy Group EXO Collaborated with Top Production House Disney for 'Star Wars' Movie Promotion [Video]

The force may indeed be with EXO as they were chosen by one of the biggest entertainment houses - Disney - to release a song to promote another big franchise which is 'Star Wars'.

CL in a fashion show

Korean Rapper CL Styled Herself and Her Entire Crew for Her New Solo Single Music Video [Video]

Lee Chae Rin popularly known as "CL" of the popular Korean girl-group 2NE1 styled herself and her own dancers for her new music video 'Hello Bitches'

Healthy Snacks

Change Healthy Snacks that are Secretly Making People Fat

There are foods that belong to the "healthy snacks" category like cereal bars and bran-flakes that are actually full of sugar. They provide a temporary boost of energy but eventually eating one will make you gain weight.

Woman with Back Pain

Daily Steps to Follow In Order to Ease Arthritis Pain

These simple steps help realize the long-term goal of treating arthritis. He then detailed some ways to ease the pain cause by arthritis.

Fishes have feelings too

Emotional Fever: Research Shows Fishes Have Feelings too

A new study tells us that when animals show a slight increase in their body temperature which is connected to consciousness and emotions, this is called emotional fever and fishes have this.


How a Spoonful of Sugar Before Physical Activities Makes a Difference

A new research suggested that adding a tablespoon of sugar into a bottle of water before any big physical event could help make a difference between success and failure.

German Breaded cutlet

Canadian Food Trend: How Food Looks like in 2016

Technomic, a US research firm, released their predictions about what they think would be served for Canadian dinners next year.

Woman eating fresh strawberries

Diet Not Working? You May Have a Ton of Excuses

How many people actually follow through this resolution all throughout the coming year? What are the most common reasons why they fall off the wagon just within the first few weeks of the New Year?

Making good Food choice

Make Good Food Choices to Keep the Body Fit and Healthy

Every diet is different and the result and effect is also different per person. Therefore, what your body needs may not be known by following some fad diets that are being advertised. The body needs change every few years.

Green Salad

Experts Reveal These Foods are Good for the Brain

Listed here are some foods that studies have proven to be good for our brain. Whether you're interested in them to boost your memory or simply want to stay healthy, make sure that you incorporate these in your diet.


Halotherapy: Inhaling Salt Help with Respiratory Diseases

There is a new and natural way to combat respiratory ailments. This treatment uses salt as the key ingredient.

Steamed Dimsum

The Healthy Benefits of Dimsum

There is a big demand for dim sum these days as they're bite-size but with strong flavors and if steamed, has a various health benefits.

Curry Powder

Curry Leaves: Good Aid for a Better Digestion

Curry is one of the most sought after ingredients when it comes to exotic food. People from all over the world know a good curry when they see one. Not only that, curry also plays an important role in our body.

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