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Holiday Indulgence: Detoxifying After the Diwali Festival

Diwali is one of the biggest Hindu celebrations and festivals also mean a lot of food. Here are some ways to detox after one of the biggest and festive occasions.

Junk Food Commercials

Canada Prime Minister: Junkfood Commercials Targeting Kids Should be Banned

Banning the advertising and marketing of junk foods for kids is a good start. This is just a starting point and people wish that this kind of restriction would not only target the kids but should be directed towards adults as well.

Removing Food Deserts May Not Reach The Improved Dietary Quality in the U.S.

Food Wastage Means Water Wastage at the Same Time

Wasting food is wasting for the whole humanity. This is because when there is one rotten apple, you'll not only be throwing that away but everything that came with it from planting to production.

Fast Food

Food Addiction or Simply Natural Craving?

Dr. Susan Albers, a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and author said that these people experience much more than food pleasure. These food addicts become too consumed in thinking what food to eat, how to get it and how to pay for it.

Pole Dancing

Tired of the Same Fitness Routine? Explore Pole Dancing, The Next Best Thing in Fun Exercise

More people are discovering that there are fitness classes like TRX or HIIT. What some people have not discovered though is pole dancing. It's another way to stay fit, especially for women who want to develop their upper body strength.

Postpartum Fitness

Postpartum Fitness: What Every Mom Should Know

Most mothers, especially first timers, get depressed when they look in the mirror and see themselves in a strange new body. Shauna Treseder, personal trainer at NW Women's Fitness Club, has important tips for mothers.

Fit Gym Body

Exercise and Excuse: When Mixing These Two can be a Good Thing

An excuse can be used to help yourself and do the things you want. In that way, you'll have more time to attend to things that really matter.

Belly Fat

Belly No Good: A Study on the Health Risks Belly Fat Poses

There are a handful of people who have normal Body Mass Index but are still sporting huge bellies.

Using Gadget before sleeping

Doctors Say Every Gadget Should Have Rest Mode to Help You Sleep Better

People have a tendency to overuse these devices, starting as early as 6 in the morning to the wee hours the next morning just to check their social media accounts, emails and messages on their free texts/calls apps. A leading doctor said that there should be an automatic "bed" or sleep time mode for all smartphones and tablets.

8 hours of sleep is good for the heart

Study Shows that 8 Hours of Sleep is Good for the Heart

The team found that people who slept 8 or more hours per night were 2.7 times likely to meet at least 6 or 7 points in the criteria of the ideal heart health, compared to people who only had about 6 or less hours of sleep per night.

Infant Mortality rate

High Infant Mortality Rate in Indiana is Due to Health Discrepancy

Seven out of every thousand infants born in the state doesn't live to see the first 12 months of their life. The state ranks the worst in the country when it comes to infant mortality rate.

Home Remedies

Herbal Substitutes: Bust Expensive Medicine with Home Remedies That Can Treat Chronic Diseases

More people who are turning to natural or herbal remedies want to learn how they can make their own. Pharmaceutical medicine is not the answer to all of people's questions and illnesses.

Father and Son Playing in the Yard

Take Care of Your Mental Health: Form the Best Habits, Lead a Happier Life

The mental health hygiene habits may differ from each person, the best thing that people can do is try to identify which ones work best in your daily life and try incorporating it in the daily activities.

People Exercising

Watch What You Eat: Experts Say It's What You Put in Your Mouth, Not How Much You Exercise

Experts say that people think when they exercise they are burning calories and will lose weight, without considering what kind of food they put in their mouth.


Social Media Helps Detect and Prevent Food Illness Outbreak

For most people in this generation, it is a habit to write it in social media accounts. For instance, "dizzy after eating cold pizza. #sick #vomit". According to Digital Trends, many people don't realize that using hash tags like "#sick" and #vomit is a helpful tool to monitor and manage any food poisoning diseases or outbreaks.

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