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Grilled Vegan Meal

Stay Full with the Right Plant-Based Diet

Some people has misunderstood the weight of plant based food to our body. Being healthy doesn't mean you won't eat any meat at all. If possible, you eat more plants than meat to keep a balanced diet.

Apples contain antioxidants

A Healthy Heart Means Eating the Right Food, Heart-Friendly Snacks at the Office - Popcorn is One of Them

Average Americans eat almost the same amount of food as they did in the early 70s. The amount of calories consumed between-meals has increased to about 580 calories per day. For workers, make sure to pack and bring heart-healthy foods to make sure you're on the right track.

Medical Tests and Antibiotics are harmful to out health

Experts say that Unecessary Medical Tests and Antibiotics are Harmful to our Health

Some medical experts actually said that medical tests and antibiotics aren't always the best way to treat our illness.

Man checking his blood sugar

Food Order can Help Control Blood Sugar and Weight Control According to Experts

Controlling blood sugar and want to lose weight? A research shows that it would be a better option to have the bread at the end of the meal and not at the start.

Dementia Portrait

Cardiovascular Health: Key Role in Dementia Risk, Experts Reveal

People who exercise more than three times per week have a lower risk of dementia by about 38 percent.

Relaxing outside

Too Much of Daytime Siesta Has a Serious Health Impact

We have always known that taking a nap is always good for us. However, an article in the Mirror points out that taking a nap for a long time is harmful for the health according to scientists.

Girl drinking her 1st cuo of coffee

The Truth About Coffee: Harmful or Harmless to Our Health?

The panel reported that there is strong and consistent proof that shows the consumption of three to five cups of coffee is in moderate range and thus not connected with the high risk of chronic diseases. Moderate coffee consumption can actually be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.

Two Lonely Old Couple

Loneliness Takes a Toll on the Health of Many Elderly People in Britain

A new study shows that there are thousands of older people in Britain who are lonely, therefore making them prone to long-term health problems.

healthy couple walking happily

Take Advantage of Walkable Neigborhoods, Improving Your Health Isn't an Instant Process

People who live in busy areas near establishments, stores, banks and other stores that are close by don't have a lot of chances to walk.

Woman enjoying her salad

Low Carb, Low-Fat and Low-Fat Diet: Study Suggests Which One Is the Most Effective in Losing Weight

Low-Carb Diet Vs. Low-Fat Diet Vs. Low-Fat Diet: Study Suggest Which One Is The Most Effective In Losing Weight

Girl on the bathroom floor having menstrual cramps

Think You Have Your Menstruation All Figured Out? Study Says It's Still a Medical Mystery

It still remains a big mystery why women have this cycle every month. Many researchers might have figured out at some point why this happens, but there are still a lot of things that are not known.

Boy playing a game on the phone

Children with Smartphones Leave Parents Worried, Fear Cyber Bullying and Too Much Screen Time

This article highlights the concern and fears of parents because of the unstoppable trend that their young children are into.

Toddler walking with Pet dog

Studies Shows Pet Dogs Can Help Reduce the Risk of Childhood Anxiety

U.S. study said that children living with a pet dog have lower risks of suffering from anxiety.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Worried About Thanksgiving Food Wastage? There's an App for That

There is an app that takes care of large events, the Food Cowboy. This app is paid by party planners or event organizers to help plan and organize a party that is for 250 people or more. It can be arranged in advance to donate the leftover food to a local service agency.

Chefs working on a dish in the kitchen

Comfort Foods With a Twist for That Warm and Cozy Feeling This Winter

Three local chefs from different areas were asked to create a fresh spin on the traditional winter food.

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