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Premenstrual Cramps

Premenstrual Syndrome May Signal High Blood Pressure in the Future

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is not only a monthly struggle but it can be a sign for future health problems for women who suffer PMS every month. A new study showed that women who suffer PMS every month have a higher risk of having high blood pressure in the future.

Double-Dipping on Salsa

Double-Dipping: Merely a Nasty Habit or a Food Safety Problem?

A research team from Clemson University came up with a series of experiments to discover what really happens when people double-dip.

Half Consumed Airline Food Tray

What's with Airline Food and Why do They Taste Like Cardboard? Science Explains Why

According to Market Watch, customers usually find airline food lacking flavors, even saying that this type of food tastes like cardboard.

Seaweed salad

A New Study Shows Adding Seaweed to Daily Meals Can Make the Body Healthy

Many food experts recommend eating seaweed every day. Yes, you got that right - seaweed.


The Health Benefits of Avocado are Backed Up by Science

There were a lot of studies from prestigious universities including Pennsylvania State, Ohio and Tufts have found the link of eating avocado to health outcomes like better cognitive function, improved blood pressure, lower blood sugar, better diet adherence and improved cardiovascular health.

Pregnancy test stick

It's Not Too Late, Research Shows that Many Women are Having Babies at the age of 35

Most women get married late and therefore they also conceive their first child around their early 30s. A lot may argue and say that when women reach the age of 30 or older, conceiving is not advisable.


New Food Stamp Rule in Maine that Ban the Purchase of Soda and Candy

When you ask most people about the food they choose to buy, most of them will say that buying healthy food is by far more expensive than junk food. When people receive their stipend they would immediately purchase food that they can keep for a long time until the next time.

Pregnancy - Can This Happen to Men?

Male Pregnancy Might be Possible in the Next 5 Years

There is one thing that women can do that men definitely can't, and it is getting pregnant. Being able to carry life for 9 months is definitely a miracle, something only a woman can do. But how true is it that men can actually get pregnant as well?

Employee in the office

Is There Such a Thing as Fear of Taking Annual Leave?

A surprising number of people don't want to take the annual leave credits given to them. It is called FOTAL or Fear of taking annual leave.

Frizzy and Dry Hair

Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Now

Like all other parts of the body, the hair also needs to be taken care of. It is often affected by the things being applied on like treatment of color and not only that, it is also often affected by the weather conditions.

A boy meditating

Here's How Meditation can Help You Survive this Modern and Busy World

The mind needs daily practice like meditation in order to calm the mind in the middle of a busy day at work and it also increases the focus you have and therefore helping with time management as well.

Spring Pasta Salad

When is Healthy Food Not Healthy for Us?

A group of Israeli researchers found that every person's body responds differently to a meal they consume daily. This only means that the fad diet that you and your friend follow may work magic to your body but may not have the same effect on your friend.

LDR Couple

Half & Half Project Help A Long Distance Couple Share Moments Together While Being Apart

This project is solely dedicated to document their lives apart. As a couple like any other, they want to experience and share many things together. Like going on a date in the park, eating in restaurants and more.

Chewing Food is Important

Researchers said Chewing Food Properly is Important in Weight Management

Are eating behaviors such as the manner of chewing or swallowing quickly really linked to weight gain and obesity? Does the old saying of chewing food 32 times help in losing weight?

Broken Heart

Break- Up Outsourcing: Only $15 for a Break-Up

Have you heard of break-up outsourcing? Yes, that's right. Even breaking up with someone can be outsourced.

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