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Restaurant Chains Focuses On Drive-Thru Services As A Post-Pandemic Strategy

Restaurant Chains Focuses On Drive-Thru Services As A Post-Pandemic Strategy

Covid-19 forces restaurant chains to consider drive-thru services to stay afloat.

Breakfast Wars: Knowing Who Are The Fast Food Winners And Losers Amid The Pandemic

Breakfast Wars: Fast Food Winners And Losers Amid The Pandemic

McDonald's and Wendy's showed promising signs in breakfast sales amid the pandemic while other fast-food chains are trying hard to survive. Who's your bet?

Genius Burger King Ad Told Customers To Order From McDonald’s

Genius Burger King Ad Tells Customers to Order From McDonald’s

Will Burger King and McDonald's finally stop making digs at each other?

A Futuristic Look For Burger King Is On The Way For 2021

Solar-Powered Drive-In: Futuristic Look For Burger King is On The Way For 2021

Have you imagined what 2021 would be like? Burger King certainly have!

Chicken and Fries

Burger King's Chicken and Fries Sharing Box Is Back!

Chicken and fries in one shareable box? Burger King is definitely stepping up their game!

NZX 50 Index Constituent Companies

Tricked By Prank Caller, Burger King Workers Break Windows To Relieve 'Gas Pressure'

A whooper prank was pulled off by a prank caller who convinced employees of a Burger King Minneapolis outlet to break the restaurant's glass windows, else the place explodes.

Burger King Opens First European WHOPPER Bar : News Photo CompEmbedShareAdd to Board Burger King Opens First European WHOPPER Bar

Burger King Introduces New Spicy Offering – the “Angriest Whopper”

Burger lover better get their taste buds ready for this super hot and spicy "Angriest Whopper". Red buns infused with hot sauce, jalapenos and the spicy angry sauce might be a challenge indeed.

Rahm Emanuel Announces Police Accountability Task Force As CPD Chief Is Fired

Burger King Cashier Confronted After Declining Customers' Coupons

A Milwaukee lady and her daughter are facing jail time after being blamed in the attack for a Burger King representative who didn't allow the mother use 12 coupons on one meal.

Burger King's 'Angry Triple Whopper'

Fast Food Price Wars – Customers Benefit from Incredibly Low-Priced Deals

The competition between top fast food chains is heating up, with the latest offering from McDonald starting February 29 where customers could pick two out of the four McDonald’s “iconic menu items” – a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a 10-piece order of Chicken McNuggets – for a low prize of $5.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen branch

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Go Against McDonalds and Burger King

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen recently announced plans to open additional 4,000 stores in the next seven years in hopes of beating big burger chains, such as McDonald’s and Burger King.

The King of Burgers: How You Can Order a 1.7kg Burger with an Extra 700 Pickles

The King of Burgers: How You Can Order a 1.7kg Burger with Extra 700 Pickles

People who often complain of their burgers not having enough pickles in it should probably go to Japan and order from a Burger King outlet there.

Wiener mascot

Checkers and Rally vs Burger King: Wiener War Heats Up

Burger King's new hot-dog product ignites an all out wiener war.

McDonald's November Sales Down Lower Than Expected

Fast Food Heaven: Fast Food Items You Will Never Eat Again

Scroll through and mourn for the fast food items that have been phased out by their respective items.

Burger King In Talks To Acquire Canadian Chain Tim Horton's

Tim Hortons Announces Expansion Plan in Indiana

Restaurant Brands International Inc., which is the owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons are planning to expand their business in Indiana by partnering with Luke Family of Brands and plans for “more of the same on the sales front” in 2016.

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