Chef and Waiter in a Restaurant

Food Servers: Are They the Carriers of Several Illnesses?

Several forms of human contact with contaminated things can generate the passing of germs especially for food servers. This can unknowingly be passed on to customers by means of not-so-clean hands.


Why Do You Like That Pizza? Could Be That Wonderful Smell.

Study reveals what and why you like the food you eat.

Farmers Association To Announce Grain Harvest Results

Common Grain Myths Debunked

Are grains really health?

Mexi-Mac Skillet

Good Food For People With Diabetes.

Diabetes is a very common sickness that people tend to avoid but is mostly hereditary. It is heart breaking for those people who has a lot of craving but they just can’t eat whatever they want because they have diabetes.

Food Blogger taking a photo of food

The Other Side of Being A Food Blogger

The job seems like a lot of fun. However, there is a different side to being a food blogger and no amount of food can make up for it. Here are some of reasons why.

Organic Food Store

Organic Food Versus Conventional Food: Which One is Healthier?

In this generation particularly, people are becoming more obsessed about how to keep themselves fit and choosing to not only live healthy but eat healthy as well. However, which food is more healthy, Organic or Conventional food?

Airline Food

Delta Airlines: Better Airline Food Starting Next Month

One of the biggest airline companies in the United States, Delta Airlines is one of the many companies that are doing a revamp on their dishes for their transoceanic flights that will shift to seasonal rotation with their regionally-influenced menus starting next month.

People Eating

The Way You Think About Food Might be Diffrent From Another Due to Blood Sugar Levels, Research Reveals

The reason why personalized eating choices are still more likely to induce healthy people than universal dietary advice is due to the huge differences that they found in the rise of blood sugar levels among different people who happens to consume identical meals.

Milk Suppliers Threaten Strike Action

Lactose Intolerance Myths Debunked

Being Lactose Intolerant doesn't mean you would have to give up dairy for good.

Advocates Call For More Nutritious School Snacks

It's a Lie: Common Diet Foods That Are Actually Calorie Packed

The food you thought you coud lose weight with is actually calorie filled.

Peanut Butter Prices Set To Rise Up To 30 Percent

The Truth Behind Food Allergies

"Unfortunately, the term 'allergy' is sometimes used by the public or health care providers to describe any unpleasant experience patients have with eating food, including 'feeling bad' - Marc Ried

Mashed potatoes

Thanksgiving Must-know: Checklist For Making The Best Mashed Potatoes

Whatever your family's recipe is for mashed potatoes there are some very important things to remember when cooking these.

Japanese Noodles

Japanese Company Makes Low-Calorie Noodles From Trees

Omikenshi Co., Ltd. will be making low-calorie noodles from trees. This textile company, one of the oldest established businesses in Japan, finally ventured towards another industry - the food-making industry.

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