Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience 2015 - Interviews At Fashion Lounge

Five Expensive Dubai Food Experiences

Dubai is famous for being a haven of expensive gourmet food and these are five of them.

Food photographs

Instagram Contributes to Food Aesthetics

Food photographs make food a visual treat.

red wine

The Perfect Pre-Valentine Hack: Top Six Meals To Heat Up Dates

The season is here, the month of freshly picked roses, delicious dark chocolates, candlelit dinners and wonderful exotic wines are upon us. And what better way to end an amazing valentine day than incorporating these spectacular body hacking ingredients into your meal. Ensure that every second of this valentine day stays amazing to the very end.

10 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe to ASAP!

Top 10 Food Channels in YouTube you should Check Out!

If you are the type of person that needs constant food and cooking inspiration, you might want to check out these 10 YouTube channels that will definitely feed you-not just with yummy food recipes, but also with quirks and stories, making you feel that you are friends, wherever you are in this world.

There's no more excuse to eat crappy food all the time

Start Your Own Herb Garden In Your Dorm With This 7 Simple Steps!

Urban farming is fast becoming a trend in the city. Using that as inspiration, our Big Girls compiled seven tips to start your own herb garden in your very dorm room! Follow these simple tips!


Trending Food Films In 2016 You Should Watch Out For

It's that time of the year when you want to just drool while watching movies. You want to relive the movies that make you drool all over again. But, what about watching the new ones? If you want to make yourself salivate for 2016 movies, then choose the tasty-licious right movies. After doing so, you'll sure ask for more on the big screen.


New Definition Of Butter In Ireland, According To Authorities

Butter is defined as "a churned-cream dairy product consisting primarily of milk fat, water, non-fat milk material and if necessary, salt," in Ireland, as announced by Dr. Pat 'O Mahon, Ireland's food safety authority.

T.Swift's Girl Squad

Want to be Fit? Eat Like Taylor Swift's Girl Squad

T Swift may have assembled the coolest girl squad to date-from supermodels to rock stars and celebrated actresse, TayTay has them as friends. We may never be part of their cool group, but thanks to Cosmopolitan, we can at least eat like them!

Wear it like Katy!

Eat it and Wear it Too! When Fashion and Food Collide

What would you choose, fashion or food? Well, there's a good news for you, fashionista foodies! You don't have to chose anymore because, guess what the newest style trend? Foam Food Accessories-so cute and delicious looking!

Cravings for junk food in your genes

Have Constant (and Oftentimes Uncontrollable) Cravings for Food? Here's How to Stop Them

Known as a dieter's worst nightmare, food cravings are more than just your normal hunger. One minute you're just going about your day as usual - the next, you're under the control of desire.

Tips To Reduce Food Waste

Tips To Reduce Food Waste

The restaurant business is a competitive business, and depending on the marketing strategies of the business owner, they either can thrive or be forced to move away.

Is it really good to tease a dog like this?

I got a maple flavor bacon, and I ate it. Then I took some chicken, put some cheese on it, and I gave it to the cat. The monologue of the Dog: I want to die, so unfair, AHAHAHA…

Eight-Year-Old Boy Sets up Food Bank After Watching Documentary

Eight-Year-Old Boy Sets up Food Bank After Watching Documentary

Eight year old Ronnie Hazlie got so upset after watching a documentary about food banks that he immediately decided he wanted to help.

Proposals on Improving Nutrition Facts Labeling On Food Products

Food Packs Should Show 'Activity Needed to Burn Off Calories' in Labels

To further broaden the knowledge of consumers about the food, they consume, the Royal Society of Public Heath (RSPH) pushes the addition of labels that shows how much activity would be needed to burn off the calories contained in the packaged food. Because the nutrition facts and breakdown can be a little too vague for everyday shoppers and buyers, the organization argues that people usually underestimate the needed work and exercise to burn the calories they eat in everyday goods.

Olive Oil is The Good Kind of Fat

18 Ways You are Dieting Wrong!

Have you ever wondered why your diet just don't work? You eat less, you stay away fro carbs and consume as little sugar as possible, but no weight loss, even a little? Maybe it's because you are following the wrong rules-rules that get you gaining instead of shedding off some pounds!

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