KFC and Pizza Hut To Launch Sustainable Initiative in China

KFC and Pizza Hut To Launch Sustainable Initiative in China

This is an initiative that everyone should support!

KFC is Launching their Brand-New Chicken Sandwich, an addition to the roster of Participants of Chicken Sandwich Wars 2021

Chicken Sandwich Wars 2021: KFC Unravels New, Juicier Chicken Sandwich

KFC enters the chicken sandwich wars 2021 with their own entry of thick chicken sandwich

2021 Is Going To Be a Big Year for These Fast Food Chains

2021 Is Going To Be a Big Year for These Fast Food Chains

These fast food chains are going big this 2021. Who are you betting on?

Genius Burger King Ad Told Customers To Order From McDonald’s

Genius Burger King Ad Tells Customers to Order From McDonald’s

Will Burger King and McDonald's finally stop making digs at each other?

Chicken Nuggets

KFC Eyes Bioprinters To Make Chicken Nuggets In The Future

KFC will be shaping up their future nuggets via bioprinters in the near future.


How to Make Homemade KFC Chicken | The Secret 11 Herbs and Spices?

Do you love KFC? Then this recipe is for you to try at home!

Coffee Shop Drinks Found To Contain Excessive Amounts Of Sugar

Top 10 Drinks Worse Than A Can Of Coke

Classified as an ultra-processed food item, people have leared to be wary of soft drinks, or at least, control the amount they consume. However, there are actually far worst drinks than sodas in terms of sugar content. Though tea, coffee and chocolate have proven health benefits, it would be best to steer clear of these drinks due to their high sugar content which would make the regular soda look almost "healthier" by comparison.

Veterans Secretary, Entrepreneur Feed Homeless Vets

Expert-Guide To Reheating Your 6 Favorite Foods

There are times when you reheat a food in microwave and it doesn't come as tasty as the first time around. Indeed, there are candidates of food that are better reheated with oven or stove than in your microwave.

Bird Flu Impacts On Poultry Industry In South East Asia

KFC unveils Newest Colonel Sanders!

Bid farewell to the Colonel Sanders you know. KFC revealed on Thursday that they will be replacing their brand icon with another person. And this time, he is black.

Advertising Week 2015 Rings The NASDAQ Closing Bell

Cheetos Flavors: Mexican Janitor Turned Millionaire After Giving Cheetos an Extra Kick

If you think only American Idols are living their dream, you're wrong. Behind that Flamin' Hot Cheetos, there's a man who worked as a janitor.


World's Most Unhealthy Meals

Every once in a while you hear of a meal so shocking that you feel you just must try, you might even go as far as finding these meals to satisfy your curiosity. The meals on this list should not be attempted without a doctor standing by. These meals are some of the most unhealthy, heart-failure-waiting-to-happen meals you can find out there.


KFC China Wins Lawsuit Over "Mutant Chicken" Allegations

Fast food giant KFC came out triumphant after filing a lawsuit in China against three local tech firms for spreading out allegations on social media accusing the Yum Brands restaurant of selling genetically modified chickens with "six wings and eight legs".

KFC News: A Look Back at the Life of Colonel Sanders

KFC News: A Look Back at the Life of Colonel Sanders

Below a bust designed by Margaret Sanders, in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville lies Colonel Sanders, most commonly known as the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Yumm, Calorie and Sodium induced burrito!

The Top 18 Unhealthiest Fast Food Meals

The Business Insider exposes the top 18 unhealthiest fast food items that you might be eating on a regular basis. These foods are tagged 'unhealthiest' based on the number of calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Pizza Hut: This popular pizza chain is in America's top 8 food franchises.

8 Top Food Franchises in the US

Food chain franchise is often much more for people than a simple food business venture. For some it is a real estate purchase since the presence of food businesses, especially of the big chain type, tend to contribute to real estate value change. McDonald's Fast Food Franchises founder Ray Kroc, for example, once said: "We're not in the hamburger business. We're in show business." In the US, Entrepreneur.com compiled this list of best franchises based on expansion plans, financial stability, and franchise opening cost and summarised in Franchise 500 scores.

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