Cheese Overlaod

McDonald's is Testing Mac & Cheese: The Best Cheesy Fast Food Options

Something wonderful just happened and cheese lovers will definitely rejoice. A McDonald's in Ohio is testing out macaroni and cheese as part of Happy Meal.

Flour and Egg

Woman Creates Impeccable KFC Inspired Cake

A mother from Australia created a KFC meal inspired cake that looks so close to the real thing, you can't tell it's cake at first glance.

KFC To Stop Using Trans Fats

KFC Hygiene: Chain Fined Over Live Beetles And Flies In UK, Over $5,000 To Pay For Food Safety Mishap

Months after that so-called Kentucky Fried Chicken fried rat became viral and then ended up being a hoax, there's a new KFC hygiene concern, this time in the United Kingdom, where one of the chain's venues was found to have beetles, posing a serious food safety risk.

Parent Company of KFC, Taco Bell, And Pizza Hut Report Strong Earnings

KFC India Teams With Railway Catering And Tourism – Serving Fried Chicken On India Trains!

There's currently a new massive wave of fast food resurgence in the South Asian country, as major chains like Wendy's and Burger King step up to the plate with vegetarian options for the mostly non beef-eating consumers in the country - but, in the meantime, the most famous fried chicken chain, KFC India, gets to ride with train travelers.

KFC To Stop Using Trans Fats

KFC Menu Adds Fried Chicken Pizza In Hong Kong – While Colonel Sanders Stars In Comic Book! [PHOTOS]

The chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is well known for its odd creations involving their primary product, both within the United States and other franchises, most notably those in Asian countries; now, KFC menus get a new makeover, as they add an odd combination between fried chicken and pizza to their Hong Kong menus.


Chick-Fil-A Menu In Danger: KFC And Shake Shack Give Biggest Fried Chicken Chain A Run For Its Money

For the past three years, the Chick-Fil-A menu has trumped all other fried chicken companies in the United States, as numbers for others like the traditional KFC have fallen in the midst of the fast food industry's crisis that has greatly damaged McDonald's in years.


KFC Double Down Returns to Menu

Welcome back, Double Down. Welcome back.


Chick-Fil-A Tops KFC

Chick-fil-A has beaten KFC as the fried chicken king for a second time


Fast-Food Workers Plan Protest in 7 Cities, Demanding Higher Wages

A movement for better pay for low-wage fast-food workers is under construction as thousands of employees plan to walk off their jobs next week.

KFC bag

Chinese Fast Food Ice Dirtier ‘Dirtier Than Toilet Water

Ice Cube at KFC restaurant in China are filled with 13 times more bacteria than toilet water.


Yum! Stock Beginning to Rise, Recuperating After Poultry Scandal

Yum! Brands is experiencing an increase in their stock price.


Yum! Brands Plans On Monitoring Their Poultry Farms Better In Hopes of Fixing Their Image

Yum! Brands is trying their best to fix their image after KFC's sales in China plummeted because people found out about the large amounts of antibiotics that were being injected into their chickens


Yum Brands Apologizes for Chicken Scare

KFC’s parent Yum Brands has apologized to consumers in connection with its handling of a recent chicken scare that caused sales to drop.

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