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Proteins are an essential part of our diet, but one should take it in the right amount and from the right sources.

Animal vs Plant Proteins: What's The Difference?

Is there any difference between animal and plant proteins? They’re called “proteins,” after all, right? Wrong. Find out why there’s a need to understand animal and plant proteins as they enter our body through the food we eat.


Multimillion Dollar Campaign Kill Washington’s GMO Labeling Initiative

We know that a multi-million dollar campaign killed Washington’s GMO Labeling Initiative 522. What are these giant food companies that greatly contributed to the campaign of killing GMO labeling? Washington Superior Court Judge Anne Hirsch from the Thurston County Superior Court made a ruling that the food industry group Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, violated the state’s campaign finance disclosure laws when it tried to hide the identities of the corporate funders.

People are now aware of the health impacts of oily and sugary fastfoods. The link between fastfood and obesity, fastfood and hypertension, fastfood and heart disease has been intensified as people become more concerned about their health.

Must-Try Orders at Your 16 Favorite Fastfood Chains

Each fastfood chain has its own specialty in the house. It’s always ideal to rely on what the fastfood chain best recommends for its consumers. Like the saying that once you read a book of an author, you can predict how he would write for his other books; the same is true for making the right order when you are at your favorite fastfood chain. You have to choose their specialty so you know how the other meals would somehow taste.

Family Watching TV

Your 16 Movie Time Snack Picks

When you plan to watch movies at home, you immediately think of the all-time favorite microwavable popcorn, right? We associate movie time with popcorn as our Top Snack Pick. In addition to popcorn, there are other movie time “Snack Picks” that are easy to prepare.

Pizza is Addicting

Adding 10 Mouthwatering Twist On Your Pizza

Our idea of pizza per se is the round dough with meat or veggie toppings suit to satisfy our taste. To make it more mouth-appealing, we will share with you different kind of pizzas that will surely not bore you. You can also use your cold or leftover pizza to add twist to these pizza recipes! So, help yourselves as we add 10 mouthwatering twists on your pizza!

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

The 6 Not-So-Pleasant Food

Get to know these 6 not-so-pleasant food because it will surely save you from embarrassment. You can always eat them at home but it’s wise to avoid them when you’re outside chilling with friends. It’s inappropriate to excuse yourself so you better memorize them.

North America Hit with Another Salmonella Outbreak

Salmonella Outbreak Led to Eagles Roost Sports Bar Close Down

Eagles Roost, a sports bar in Irvine, Kentucky recently closed down because of salmonella outbreak. Initially, it has been reported that at least 60 people suffered from the salmonella outbreak. The number has gone up to 100 as of this writing. Before the outbreak, a diner of the sports bar wrote on Eagles Roost Sports Bar official Facebook account, quote “Need to work on atmosphere and quality of food preparation...hopefully they will be able to tweak a lot of issues.”


Meet Your Top 5 Food Depressants

Did you ever wonder why you are in a bad mood after munching some food? Perhaps, the food you just had is enough to put you in a bad mood.


8 Healthy Foods for the Insomniac

Do you have problems of falling asleep? Worry no more because there are natural foods that can relax you and eventually put you to sleep.

Lose Weight  With These Top Fruits and Vegetables

Eat Fruits And Vegetables When You're Still Young

Enjoy each bite of these 'superfoods'.

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