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City Of Fort Lauderdale Continues To Issues Tickets For Charities Feeding The Homeless Outdoors

Studies Claim that Some People are Addicted to Food

Food addiction has been rampant all throughout the years and it usually causes obesity.

Government Assistance Programs Aid Underprivileged Communities In New York State

Why Restaurants Now Pay Attention to Kids' Menus

Poor nutrition in kids can lead to numerous health problems, which can lead up to something more serious. Regarding this claim, restaurants have been stepping their games up to give kids better food choices.

Equal Sues Splenda For False Advertising

The Next Artificial Sweetener Is Made From-- Sand!

A new artificial sweetener was created which is twice as sweet than the regular sugar and can reduce your sugar consumption.

Queen Victoria Market Seeks UNESCO World Heritage Listing

A Theory on Why Millennials are Obsessed with Their Food

A sneak peek on the millennial food obsession.


Beer is Good For You! Alcohol May have Health Benefits

People always give red wine the credit, but some dieticians are now saying that beer may also be good for you.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Announces New Junk Food Rules for Schools

No advertising for sugary foods and drinks in schools under the Obama administrations new rules.

fruits and veggies

Eating Healthy Cost $1.50 Extra Per Day, $550 Per Year

Having a healthy diet may be more complicated than one thinks.


Forget Crash Dieting, Turn to Super Foods to Slim Down That Waist Line

Summer is just around the corner which means many people will find themselves crash dieting in order to obtain that "perfect", beach body. What is a crash diet? A crash diet is one that contains a caloric intake far below what the body essentially needs. It lacks the proper amount of nutrients and offers dieters a quick way to get slim


Protect Yourself From Flu: 10 Power Foods To Boost Immune System

Certain foods and drinks have a natural immunity boost. Incorporate these healthy foods into your diet to empower your immune system.

Food Clock of Our Body

Your body's "Food Clock" Busy

During the Holiday season, sudden overloading treats and gluttony make your body's 'Food Clock' upset with the hands spinning. A new study at the University of California, San Francisco revealed how 'Food Clock' of our body works on a molecular level.

Anti Bully Assembly

Kids with Food Allergies Targeted for Bullying

Many children with food allergies may be bullied at school according to the research published Dec. 24 in Pediatrics.

salmon brown rice roll

Keeping Teens Healthy: Whole-Grains Recipes

The Journal of Nutrition & Food services recently reported that teens ages 13 to 19 do not consume enough whole grains.

homemade energy bar

Easy and Tasty Homemade Energy Bar

It’s not difficult to make your own energy bars at home. It keeps your body healthy and saves money as well.

baked sweet potato chips

Healthy Crunchy: Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

How to make Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

asparagus risotto

Asparagus Risotto

Now it's officially spring. Asparagus, a harbinger of the spring, can be found in the market only at 1 or 2 dollars. Asparagus is also famous for its anti-Inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. How about cooking tonight this fresh and beneficial seasonal vegetable in Italian style? Here is a classic asparagus risotto recipe.

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