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Live Longer With Spicy Foods

A little chilli never hurt anyone, now studies have shown that a little, or even a lot of chilli can help you live longer. Forget the burn on your tongue, it barely even counts when you realize it may it significantly increase your lifespan.

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9 Foods To Help You Sleep

A surprisingly high number of people (50 million in America alone) find it hard to sleep at night, most often than not the reason underlining that is stress. Although some people might see it as a minute problem or a bit of an inconvenience, sleeplessness is actually a potentially chronic problem that cuts across every aspect of your life. Luckily there are some foods you can eat to sleep better.


7 Food That Improves The Heart

Heart failures are one of the leading causes of death in America, heart problems have claimed the lives of so many that we must all take every possible precautionary step to ensuring we don't become another statistic in heart diseases hit-list. Eat these meals to keep your heart strong and ward off any heart condition.


The Dangers of Fried Food

Fried foods are taking over. Everything it seems can be fried these days from deep fried smores to a deep fried chocolate bar, it's a dangerous trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The bad thing about this particular trend is the long term and short term risks it brings to the body. Below are some of the dangerous effects brought on by fried foods.


World's Most Unhealthy Meals

Every once in a while you hear of a meal so shocking that you feel you just must try, you might even go as far as finding these meals to satisfy your curiosity. The meals on this list should not be attempted without a doctor standing by. These meals are some of the most unhealthy, heart-failure-waiting-to-happen meals you can find out there.


5 Foods That Reduce Stress and Boost Performance

Stress has become a part of modern life due to the hectic schedule. Nearly 40% of the Americans report overeating or resorting to unhealthy foods due to stress. This is quite a dangerous statistic. Here are 5 healthy foods that will reduce the stress levels and increase your performance levels.


Facts You Probably Didn't Know About One of America's Most-Loved Food – Eggs!

Americans love their eggs. Dubbed as the "perfect whole food", eggs are a great source of protein, fats, and vitamins. But as much as you love your eggs for all they're worth, there is a number of surprising things you are yet to find out about this staple breakfast food.

Incorporate Fruits in Your Breakfast Menu

Wondering What to Eat for Breakfast Next Week? Here are 5 Make-Ahead Power Breakfasts to Try

This Sunday afternoon, put in a little bit of work and make sure that you have excellent food for the rest of the week. After all, making breakfasts can be time consuming, and if you're the type to just grab donuts and rush to work, you need to focus on saving some time and keeping healthy on busy days of the week.

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Study Finds That Bigger Wine Glasses Makes People Drink and Spend More

A study suggested that wine drinkers that are served with bigger wine glasses will most likely consume more alcohol and spend more money as well.

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You Don't Need To Worry About Your Health During Holidays

It is hard to keep track on what you're eating during the holiday season. Tips on how to stay healthy over the holidays are all over the web well, in fact, you don't need to worry about your health during this time of the year.


Consuming 14 Grams of Almonds Daily is All You Need to Boost Your Health

The results showed that both the parents and children eating almonds have an increased result for their protein food, seafood, plant proteins and fatty acids, while they ate fewer empty calories.

Fish Oil

Experts Say that Fish Oil Help Burn Those Excess Fats Around the Waist

Fish oil activates the digestive tract receptors, induces the nervous system and the storage cells to burn fat faster. The fat tissues don't store all the fat.

Matcha Green Tea  Cream

Coco Matcha Cups: A Sweet Treat That Can Be Enjoyed Guilt-Free

Let's take the case of Matcha Tea. Aside from making them only sugar free, Matcha green tea is also loaded with L-theanine which is known to improve brain function and relieves stress.

Boy eating chocolates

Children and Chocolates: Why Some Kids Can't Resist Well Like Others

Wonder why kids can't resist sweets? The answer is in their genes.

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Daily Table: Trader Joe's Ex-President Opens Grocery Store That Sells Healthy Food At Fastfood Prices

It may look like an ordinary supermarket with aisles teeming with fresh produce and staff mingling around the customers, but there's more to this ordinary looking grocery story. Daily Table sells their goods in an incredibly affordable price.

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