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Milk Prices Rise 7.5 Percent To Highest Price In 2.5 Years

Lactose-intolerant People Can Opt for These Foods for Calcium Boost

Dairy milk is healthy for the body but if you're lactose intolerant, you can opt for these calcium-boosts as an alternative for a more stomach-comforting.

Yahoo Set To Invest $20 Million In Snapchat

Mouthwatering Snapchat Accounts to Add As Friend

If you want to know what's everyone's snapping about, let's start with these mouthwatering accounts!

Ariana Grande Visits 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Ariana Grande Donut Perfect Pair For Soy Latte? Find Out More About Her Fave Drink!

The "Focus" singer explains that as a vegan, she doesn't take dairy but this one is an exception.

U.S. Open - Day 11

Anna Kournikova Net Worth: What Does Enrique Iglesias' GF Eat?

Tennis player Anna Kournikova does fiery workouts and aims to always fuel her body with food that increase stamina. Both she and her beau Enrique Iglesias maintain great physiques. If you want a body like hers, then get rid of these from your diet.

Jared Leto Attends The 4th Annual Los Cabos International Film Festival Opening Night Gala In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Jared Leto: Joker Actor Reveals Health Secrets To Be Forever Young

If you still want to be the health icon; forever-young and defy age like Jared Leto - here's what you should be eating.

Promi Ladies Styling Lunch By Shan Rahimkhan

5 Healthy & Easy to Make Smoothies

Everyone loves smoothies, they are tasty, quick to make and even more importantly, when made right, smoothies can be the recipie to a great health. If you are rushing out to work or just for your daily jog, try taking a few minutes out of your time to make one of these health packed drinks.

Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Healthier Diet May Reduce Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease in Teens

Presently, the US teenagers are running the risk of a couple of health factors such as high cholesterol level and belly fat among other issues. However, the conditions are improving now, and according to researchers, healthier diet might be the cause.

Debate Rages Over Fluoride In Tap Water

10 Super Powers of Water

It is no secret that water is essential to the health of any living being. Water is basically the fuel that feeds nature, a gift, if you will, from the universe to earth. "Water has no enemy," says a popular African saying. No matter how much water might offend, one can't help but love it. The saying goes on to enumerate that even if your child were to die at the hands of water, you would still have no choice but to reconcile. Some of the great powers residing in water are listed below.

Aspects Of The Mediterranean Diet

Lenten Season 2016 Recipes: 5 Ways to Eat Fish

Seafood is great to the taste and the health. The average serving of fish would provide you with a vast amount of nutrients your body would constantly thank you for. If you love fish then this might give you an idea on how to make your next dish. Provided is a list of 5 different ways you can enjoy a fishy meal.

Mitt Romney Returns To NH For Final Campaign Swing Before Primary

5 Pasta Dinner Ideas

Pasta is one of the most popular dinner choices around the world, it can be made to suit almost any occasions or craving. If you've been having your pasta the same way over and over again here are a few ways you can change things up for a more exciting and adventurous dinner.

runing man

Is There Such Thing As Good Fat?

It might be hard for a lot of people to accept the fact that fat can be good for the health. From a young age, people are told that fats are dangerous for them and should be avoided. Several medical experts and forums, advice people on how to avoid fats. It seems almost as though fats, in entirety, are bad for the body. That, however, isn't so, here are a number of ways in which fats are essential to the overall well-being of the body

Eye test

Improve Your Eyesight With These Meals

The gift of sight is an incomparable one that eating healthy can help you keep. Fortunately for man, nature is packed full of an infinite number of hacks to better your mental and physical well-being. Below is a set of foods that you can eat to keep that 20/20 vision

exam results

Foods That Can Make You Smarter

Everyone's looking for a way to get more knowledge and, more importantly, the easiest way to do it. The great thing is, your brain is always ready, eager to grow, and just like us our brain needs certain foods to d0 so. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fats, antioxidants and fiber are great meals your brain would thank you for every single day.below is a list of foods/drinks that can actually make you smarter.


Foods That Can Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a disease we must all take precaution against no matter what. The American Cancer Society recommends that you eat a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to stay healthy. Research has found out that certain foods may actually protect you from getting cancer. Here are a bunch of food you can eat to prevent yourself from getting cancer


Fruits That Can Actually Be Dangerous to Your Health

Most fruits and vegetables are healthy and recommended for consumption, it is due to this knowledge that we have a tendency to think all fruits are good for our health, that as long as it's a fruit it can't be unhealthy. Well, that assumption is wrong there are a lot of fruits that actually pose a health risk to you.

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