Elderly Smiles

Happiness Doesn't Help You Live Longer, Experts Say

It has been said over and over again; to have a longer life, you need to have a happy life. In fact many self-help books that preach life-changing benefits of happiness have become best sellers however, a new study reveals this isn't the case.

Woman enjoying a chat on her laptop

Single This Time of the Year? Here's How to Survive the Holiday Blues

Some survival secrets that can definitely help ease the loneliness this holiday season.

endurance exercise

Endurance Exercise is not Always Good for Your Heart

In the pursuit of finding out various instances whether endurance exercise can generate adverse health impacts, Dr. Jeffrey Towbin together with his colleagues at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, have been investigating about it.

Kansas Farmers, Home Cooked Meal

Healthy Food Effects Vary, Different People Respond to Eating the Same Meal

This week, as Israeli researchers write in the journal Cell, as our own respective bodies reacts to the same food very differently, it means that a diet may work wonders for some people but can do otherwise on you.

Daddy and Baby

Post-Natal Depression: Are New Dads at Risk as Well?

In a recent study, researchers found out that the anxiety that is felt upon the arrival of the newborn baby is as common as the postnatal depression, and the risks for men are nearly as high as for women.


Another E-Cigarette Accident: 29-Year-Old Suffered Facial Fractures, Fractured Vertebrae, and Teeth Damage

As soon as investigation results were released, it was found that the device that he was using wasn't properly configured which resulted to the explosion that can probably be the reason for him to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Nurse cuts the umbilical cord of a newborn

Is Giving Birth on a Weekend Riskier Than on a Weekday?

Is giving birth on a weekend riskier than doing so on weekdays? Find out what experts have to say.


Breast Feeding Not Just Best for Babies but Can Also Reduce the Risk of Developing Diabetes

According to a new study, for moms who breast-feed, another potential benefit was found as it can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Tobacco Use on Teenagers Can Be Reduced If Tobacco Displays Can Be Hidden, Study Reveals

A new study finds that given the fact that tobacco ads and products are kept out of sight, teenagers may be less likely to buy cigarettes in convenience stores.


Why Do You Like That Pizza? Could Be That Wonderful Smell.

Study reveals what and why you like the food you eat.

Ultra HD TV

Shocking Electric Bill? Here's What You Can Do

They have reported that on an average use, UHD TVs consume 30 percent more power than other TV sets including HD TVs. Hence, a bigger electricity bill is coming our way, so we have to brace ourselves.


Are Tasers Really Less Lethal?

Without proper handling, eye injuries, seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, collapsed lung commonly known as pneumothorax and seizures in people with epilepsy are just some of the known risks of using Tasers.

Cheating Couples

Research Shows The Two Reasons Why People Cheat

A research team found two main reasons why people cheat: they are either bored and need emotional support in their relationship.

Coconut oil

Is Coconut Oil a Cure for Systemic Candidiasis and Other Fungal Infection?

By using various in vitro studies, it has been proven that coconut oil has antifungal properties after the changes in the amount and type of fat was found to have the ability to alter gastrointestinal microbiota.

losing weight

Life-Changing Weight Loss Story: Woman Who Lost 200 Pounds Gained So Much More

Now 42 years old, Jen recalled struggling with her weight way since she was in middle school. She wanted to push people away and she believed that increasing her weight was the solution to that. She was triumphant as she ballooned to almost 400 pounds.

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Food Biz
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Launches Big Yellow Box Catering Options

Big Yellow Box by Dickey's Barbecue Pit is convenient and compact and is ideal for small groups, for any occasion.


Check out London's first and brand new cheese conveyor belt restaurant

London is now having its first-ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant, and it's going to be cheesy.

Food Tech
do sous vide

Why Should You Do Sous Vide in Your Kitchen

Sous Vide cooking has become a popular cooking technique in the last few years, with all the introduction of cooking shows to the mass media.

Direct Delivery

Shake Shack Upgrades App With Direct Delivery, and Caters Drive-Thru Only

The Shake Shack app now offers direct delivery.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launches new app for direct delivery

You can now order your favorite drinks and snacks from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf through their mobile app.

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