Ten Magnificent Restaurant That Shaped America’s Food Scene

10 Historic Restaurants That Shaped America’s Food Scene

Without these iconic places, today wouldn't been as it is now.

2020 Must-try fried chicken restaurants in the USA

Ultimate Guide to Best Fried Chicken Restaurants in USA This 2020

Who doesn't love a perfectly seasoned and well-cooked fried chicken? Check out these must-try restaurants.

7 Famous Celebrity-owned Restaurants In New York

7 Famous Celebrity-Owned Restaurants in New York

Are you looking forward to visiting a new place once in a while? You won't regret going to these go to places.

Food World News - Families of Restaurant Employees Affected by COVID-19 to Receive Grants from CORE and Capital One

CORE to Give Aid to Restaurant Employees Affected by COVID-19

Families of restaurant employees who were affected by COVID-19 can now opt for eligibility for a grant from CORE and Capital One.

Yelp’s Hunt for Top 100 US Restaurants 2016 Ends

Yelp’s Hunt for Top 100 US Restaurants 2016 Ends

Yelp’s extensive analyzing and laborious customer surveys for the top 100 U.S restaurants have finally given fruitful results.

Restaurant Week of D.C Extended Due to Snowfall

Restaurant Week of D.C Extended Due to Snowfall

Good news awaits for the food addicts in D.C and surrounding areas, who have been sad over not being able to enjoy the Restaurant Week. People will be able to enjoy the amazing yet cost – effective meals even in the beginning of February.

Iconic New York Landmark Tavern On The Green Restaurant Reopens

2016 Top Restaurants In The East Coast

The start of 2016 has got some guessing the top dining places. It's all because of the competition, the hype, and the drama, that the guessing game has begun in the east coast. The next time you're going to dine out with family and friends, look out for these places.

McDonalds Offers Real Life Choices Diet In New York City

Good News! Fast Food, Now Healthy and Affordable

Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson open a restaurant that offers fast food made from healthier alternatives.

Indian Restaurant

Willow Cafe: Where Authentic Indian Street Food With Exotic Taste in a Quaint Cafe Setting

Cafes and Delis are the types of ambiance that has both a warm homey feel and restaurant all rolled into one. How about if there is a place that serves a combination of street food and exotic taste served in a café setting?


Zoe's Kitchen Leaps 73 Percent in Market Debut

Shares of Zoe's Kitchen Inc , a casual dining chain, rose as much as 73 percent in their market debut on Friday, underscoring strong investor appetite for U.S. restaurant-related stocks.

Restaurant Dinner

Food Poisoning Twice More Likely at Restaurants Than Dinner at Home

Americans are twice as likely to get sick form food prepared at a restaurant than food prepared at home.

Restaurant Food Preparation

Should Chefs Touch Your Food Barehanded? The New California Glove Law

A new law in California that went into effect in January but won't be enforced until July requires chefs and bartenders to keep their bare hands off of food that's going straight onto a diner's plate.


Server's Note to Patron For Picking Up Elderly Couple's Tab Turns Viral

A server's kind note to a patron who picked up the breakfast tab for an elderly couple at a restaurant in Victorville has gone viral.

Jimmy's 43

Food Review: Jimmy's 43, The Modern European Speakeasy

Hard to find, well hidden, and holding a treasure of great grub and good booze.

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