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Going vegan

Vegan Diet Can Lead to Poorer Bone Health, New Study Reveals

Based on a study, following a vegran diet can have serious consequences on one's bone health.


Unpopular Myths About Vegan Lifestyle

Thinking of going vegan? Here are some myths you might want to know about the vegan lifestyle.

Food World News - What you need to know before going vegan

4 Things You Need to Know Before Going Vegan

Thinking of going vegan? Here are some things to keep in mind about the vegan diet.

Vegan Celebrity Activist Suzanne Africa Engo Attends As VIP Guest At Elizabeth's Gone Raw Private Raw Food Dinner For Author Daphne Miller

Is Going Vegan All the Way the Smarter Choice?

An all-vegan diet, which excludes all animal products such as milk, cheese, eggs and fish, is touted by its proponents as nutritionally-superior compared to other types of diets. However, there is a danger of certain nutritional deficiencies because plant sources do not contain all the nutrients required by the body in sufficient amounts. This led some to propose that an all-vegan diet might not be for everyone.


Men Can Cut Prostate Cancer Risk by Going Vegan

A recent study shows that vegetarian men have a 35 percent lower prostate cancer risk compared to meateaters.

Hillary Clinton Holds Nevada Caucus Day Event

Bill Clinton Credits Vegan Diet for His Good Health

Bill Clinton, who is in the campaign travels for his wife Hilary Clinton strictly adheres to his plant-based diet, no matter where he is.

Jared Leto Attends The 4th Annual Los Cabos International Film Festival Opening Night Gala In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Jared Leto: Joker Actor Reveals Health Secrets To Be Forever Young

If you still want to be the health icon; forever-young and defy age like Jared Leto - here's what you should be eating.

29th American Cinematheque Award Honoring Reese Witherspoon - Show

Jennifer Aniston is 'Revited' with The Taco Cleanse

But, you'll be surprised that The Taco Cleanse is beginning to sweep the Hollywood one by one. Jennifer Aniston is just like everyone of us; delighted to know that such diet exists.

Chicken Coupe Hosted By Whoopi Goldberg - Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented By FOOD & WINE

'Effective Diet Tips': Healthy Food Differ For Each Individual

Having an effective diet actually differs from each person's metabolism.

All Things Organic Holds Chicago Expo

Vegan Facts: Risk of Going Raw Vegan

Going raw vegan can sometimes involve major health risks.

Gruene Woche Agriculture Trade Fair

'Vegan Facts': Things You Need To Know Before Going Vegan

going full vegan does require a ton of research.

Wine and Vegan Food

Which Vegan Food is Best Paired with Certain Types of Wine?

Looking for vegan food to match wine is a broad question that may have a lot of answer and opinions as well.

Celebrities Choice of Healthy Foods

Celebrities Choice of Healthy Food Influences Fans, Other People

While celebrities have all the money in the world to get them any type of food they want, many are still going the healthy route and choosing food that is good for their body.

Daily Life In Dubai

Paleo Vegan: ‘Peganism’ Might Be ULTIMATE Weight Loss Diet, Study Shows

In a day and age where fad diets change up every couple of years and the biggest stars in the world can even get in trouble with the media due to their dietary decisions (most notably Beyoncé Knowles and her recent announcement that she was now a vegan), a new study has shown that the answer may be in a combination of paleo and vegan diets.

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