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World Chefs: Australian chef Shewry forages his way to the top

Chef Ben Shewry spends part of each day meticulously foraging for wild ingredients in local parks, alleyways and the coast of Melbourne.

Long John Silver's Big Catch

Long John Silver 'Big Catch' Packs a Whopping 33 Grams of Transfat

Wondering which meal has the highest calorie content in a U.S. restaurant today? The "Big Catch" fish platter at Long John Silver's is being called the "Worst Restaurant Meal in America."

The situation for wheat remained more cautious, due to concerns over high usage and a lack of high quality wheat in the market.

Syria tenders to buy wheat, pay with funds frozen abroad

A Syrian state buyer has issued a tender to buy 200,000 tonnes of wheat flour on the international market and plans to pay with funds from bank accounts frozen by trade sanctions.

Adolf Hitler

Hitler's food taster feared death with every morsel

Margot Woelk spent the last few years of World War Two eating lavish meals and fearing that every mouthful could mean death.

Paula Deen

Celebrity chef Paula Deen loses more deals, but book sales soar

U.S. celebrity chef Paula Deen saw more lucrative deals evaporate on Thursday despite her renewed apologies for using a racial slur, as retailer Target Corp and drug company Novo Nordisk A/S joined the list of sponsors distancing themselves from the doyenne of Southern cooking.


Food Addiction and Milkshakes: What's the Connection?

Foods that are high in refined carbohydrates may trigger addictive behavior just like nicotine or cocaine, U.S. and German researchers say.

President Barack Obama

Obama sees 'moral imperative' to help feed Africa

President Barack Obama, wrapping up the first leg of an African tour, said on Friday Washington had a "moral imperative" to help the world's poorest continent feed itself and he then left for South Africa hoping to see ailing Nelson Mandela.

Paula Deen

Paula Deen Dropped by Diabetes Drug Maker and Target

Paula Deen continues to be a major target this week as more companies drop their business relationships with the scandal-ridden celebrity chef. Diabetes drug maker, Novo, and big box retail giant, Target, are the latest companies to sever ties with Paula Deen after she admitted to using racist language.

Junk Food Obesity

Junk Food to be Banned at School, Healthy Snack Options Offered

New Federal laws will make it illegal to sell snacks in school that are high in sugar, salt and fat, as the government clamps down on the childhood obesity epidemic.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Died? Archbishop Prays For 'Peaceful, Perfect End'

Nelson Mandela died? The South African former president is alive, contrary to what may be trending online today. However, he does remain in a critical condition with Archbishop Desmond Tutu asking the world to pray for a "peaceful, perfect end" to the life of an international peace icon.

Fruit loops

Foods Banned in other Countries but the U.S. Allows for Consumption

A recent report has been making the rounds online which highlight a list of foods banned in countries outside the U.S. has riled the plates of many in the food industry.

Paula Deen

Black Chef Supports Paula Deen, Urges People to Give her a Break

Paula Deen is going through some tough times lately after being fired from her hit show on the Food Network on the heels of a lawsuit filed against her by a former employee, saying she used the N-word and displayed racist and sexist behavior at the workplace.

Hostess Twinkies

Twinkies to Hit Shelves July 15, Clock Counting Down Seconds

All Twinkies lovers out there can rejoice - the popular snack is set to hit shelves on July 15, after the company went bankrupt earlier this year.


Suntory Beverage prices $4 billion IPO near bottom of range

Japan's Suntory Beverage and Food Ltd will raise 388 billion yen ($4 billion) after it set its IPO price near the bottom of its marketing range, hurt by concerns about its valuation and weak appetite amid market volatility.


UN says Pakistan has food "emergency", but donors look elsewhere

Hunger in Pakistan is at emergency levels after years of conflict and floods, but funding has dwindled as new crises such as Syria grab donors' attention, the United Nations food aid chief said on Sunday.

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