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FDA clarifies statement on aging cheese on wooden boards

U.S. Food and Drug Administration rattled cheese makers following the revelation over the weekend that an FDA official made a statement in January which suggested it would go after manufacturers who age or cure cheeses on wooden boards.


Key ingredient in tomatoes can help fight heart disease

If you are suffering from heart disease, try increasing your daily intake of tomatoes - that is according to new research.


Could camel become the next major superfood on store shelves?

Superfoods are all the buzz lately, from spinach to blueberries, and now camel milk may be the next hot item all health-conscious individuals may be sampling.


Fourth mad cow disease death confirmed in Texas

Mad cow disease has caused a fourth death in the United States, health officials announced on Thursday.

Restaurant Food Preparation

Norovirus most ofen spread by food handlers: CDC

Noroviruses are the leading cause of reported foodborne disease outbreaks and food preparation in restaurants is the most common source of norovirus contaminated foods. Cruise ship outbreaks account for just 1 percent of reported norovirus cases, according to data published today by the Centers for Disease Control.

Foster Farms

California chicken still linked to salmonella, 574 people left sick

A salmonella outbreak linked to Foster Farms chicken has sickened 574 people in 27 states and Puerto Rico, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Obesity in America

Economic slowdown linked to increase in obesity in developed nations

As a country gets more developed, the general populations waistlines also get larger, according to a new report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Packs of ground beef

Beef recall affects 2 million pounds of meat: Name of products affected

If you are preparing to pop some ground beef burgers on the grill over Memorial Day weekend, be sure to check if it's one of the brands listed below as there is currently a recall of nearly 2 million pounds which is potentially tainted with the dangerous E. coli bacteria.

ground beef

Nearly 2 million pounds of potentially E.Coli infected beef shipped nationwide, 11 people sick

Eleven people have been hospitalized following an E. coli outbreak which has been linked to burgers consumed in restaurants in four states, according to reports.

America’s Worst Burgers 2015

Junk Food just as bad as cigarettes and should be taxed: UN health official says

Cigarette smoking has long been considered unhealthy, now a United Nations investigator said Monday unhealthy diets pose a greater risk to global health and governments should move fast to tax harmful food products.


Cat saves boy from vicious dog attack (VIDEO)

This is something you have to see it to believe! A family cat has saved a young boy from a vicious dog attack after the canine pulled the child off his bike and started tearing at his legs.


Food allergies among U.S. born children on the rise

Food Allergy Research & Education is declaring this May the first Food Allergy Action Month in efforts to raise awareness of this potentially life-threatening medical condition as it continues to affect more and more Americans each year.


A daily cup of coffee may help prevent blindness

Good news for all those coffee drinkers out there. Researchers have said that one cup of coffee could help prevent deteriorating eyesight and possible blindness from retinal degeneration due to glaucoma, aging and diabetes.

Google shopping express

Google Shopping Express now available in New York and Los Angeles

Google is trying to catch up with Amazon in same-day delivery service. The tech giant is adding two more densely populated areas to its Google Shopping Express same-day delivery service.


Snapchat adds new features: video chat and text

Snapchat Inc. is adding executives and new features, as it steps up efforts to build the company. Pending an update from the app store, users will soon be able to message friends and video chat in real-time.

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