Every Fifth Berlin Is Affected By Hay Fever

Depression: Recent Studies Revealed That Hay Fever Can Cause Depression

The studies documented in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, revealed that teens who suffer from hay fever are more prone to being depressed as an adult.

Authentic Indian Food

Traditional Indian Food: Benefits and Why There are no Western Equivalents

Indian food is becoming well known all over the world. The mixture of spices and herbs makes the taste uniquely distinct from other kinds of food. Not only does the food taste good but it also comes with some health benefits.


Are Tasers Really Less Lethal?

Without proper handling, eye injuries, seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, collapsed lung commonly known as pneumothorax and seizures in people with epilepsy are just some of the known risks of using Tasers.


Being Thin Doesn't Mean Healthy: Learn to Love Your Body No Matter the Size

A movement encourages everyone to make peace with our bodies. Health at Any Size is the organization that urges people to follow through on the campaign to love and make peace with their body.

Japanese Noodles

Japanese Company Makes Low-Calorie Noodles From Trees

Omikenshi Co., Ltd. will be making low-calorie noodles from trees. This textile company, one of the oldest established businesses in Japan, finally ventured towards another industry - the food-making industry.

Coconut oil

Is Coconut Oil a Cure for Systemic Candidiasis and Other Fungal Infection?

By using various in vitro studies, it has been proven that coconut oil has antifungal properties after the changes in the amount and type of fat was found to have the ability to alter gastrointestinal microbiota.

Indian Food

Looking for Winter Cold and Flu Remedies? Indian Food Can Be The Solution

Indian Food Keeps the Winter Colds and Flu Away

New Zealand All Blacks 'Cure Kids' Appearance in Auckland

ADHD: The Struggle Behind The Disorder

the importance of understanding the struggle behind ADHD.

Healthy traditional food

Food Can be a Trigger Mechanism Of Human Feeling

Food is a great source of fuel for the brain.

42 Below Holds Annual General Meeting

'Natural Liver Detox'; Is Detoxification Important?

“There is no evidence that those detox diets do any kind of detoxification in the body" Andrea Giancoli, MPH, RD,

Cancer medicine

New Drug to Extend a Person's Life, Are You Willing to Pay the Huge Price Tag?

Breast cancer drug Kadycla has been released to extend the patient's life but it comes with a very huge price tag.


Experts Say, Lard is Actually Good for Your Health

Many disagree before that lard is harmful to one's health. Only 40% of lard's fat is saturated. But recently, experts found that saturated fat is beneficial for a health body.


Secure Your Health With An Apple Every day.

Specialists encourage eating more apples routinely as they are high in polyphenols.

Seven-A-Day Fruit And Vegetables Recommended Intake

Organic Plant-Based, Whole Food Options for Endurance Exercise

there are several organic alternatives to replace the body's electrolytes.

Veggie Burger

Fast Food Made Healthier: Veggie Recipes That Are Easy and Delicious

Now, anyone and everyone can make their all time favorite fast food menu at home. They can choose their own ingredients so they can not only be tasty they can be healthy as well.

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Food Biz
How Can You Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins?

How Can You Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins?

There are so many ways we can experience exposure to harmful poisons, and in many cases, we may not realize it's happening. From household cleaners and similar products to children's toys, there are often toxins and poisonous products and ingredients lurking in even the most unsuspecting of places.

Top 4 reasons why more and more athletes are turning vegan

Top 4 Reasons Why More and More Athletes are Turning Vegan

All pro level athletes know about the dedication needed to not just accomplish their goals, but to achieve even bigger targets in their lives. It's also a commonly known fact that fitness and exercise alone cannot get them there. Putting the right food into their bodies is equally important.

Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Asian nourishment all in all is substantially more sound than Western cooking. With the absence of dairy fat and added substances, alongside an emphasis on zingy season and crisp fixings, it's anything but difficult to discover solid alternatives on any Asian-propelled menu.

Food Tech

Top Wedding Food Trends For 2020

Tired of the conventional three-course meals at wedding receptions? Want something different? Give the menu a twist with our trendy wedding food ideas.

Famous Ports in Scotland

Famous Ports in Scotland

The United Kingdom, which is considered one of the most interesting places in the world. Mainly due to the versatility of its existence and the Union of the countries involved in the empire.

Night Markets in Asia

Night Markets in Asia

Traveling to new cities is always an exciting adventure. One of the best ways to see a city and try local food is by visiting famous night markets. Night markets are always bustling and full of locals and foreigners trying the delights.

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