Coloradoan's Celebrate 4/20 With Marijuana Smokeout

Bipolar Disorder and Marijuana

Can marijuana be used for bipolar disorder treatment?


How a Spoonful of Sugar Before Physical Activities Makes a Difference

A new research suggested that adding a tablespoon of sugar into a bottle of water before any big physical event could help make a difference between success and failure.

Preview Of The Private Collection Of The Late Stanley J. Seeger At Sotheby's

Cascara: The Tea in the World of Coffee

Who would have thought that there's a tea in the coffee world?

Sugar Reduction

Cutting Sugar Levels in Packaged Food: Is it Possible?

Sugar reduction in packaged food has been called for by health authorities worldwide. Reducing salt in most packaged goods have been successful, but will the same approach apply to sugar?

Woman eating fresh strawberries

Diet Not Working? You May Have a Ton of Excuses

How many people actually follow through this resolution all throughout the coming year? What are the most common reasons why they fall off the wagon just within the first few weeks of the New Year?

Making good Food choice

Make Good Food Choices to Keep the Body Fit and Healthy

Every diet is different and the result and effect is also different per person. Therefore, what your body needs may not be known by following some fad diets that are being advertised. The body needs change every few years.

Green Salad

Experts Reveal These Foods are Good for the Brain

Listed here are some foods that studies have proven to be good for our brain. Whether you're interested in them to boost your memory or simply want to stay healthy, make sure that you incorporate these in your diet.


Halotherapy: Inhaling Salt Help with Respiratory Diseases

There is a new and natural way to combat respiratory ailments. This treatment uses salt as the key ingredient.

Chicken Coupe Hosted By Whoopi Goldberg - Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented By FOOD & WINE

'Effective Diet Tips': Healthy Food Differ For Each Individual

Having an effective diet actually differs from each person's metabolism.

Low-Sugar Fruits To Improve Your Health

Fruits That Are Low in Sugar To Improve Your Health

As stated by Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian and author of Read It Before You Eat It, "Fruit provides a lot of things people need. Fruits provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also hydrates individuals and provides with fiber, which fills people up."

Curry Powder

Curry Leaves: Good Aid for a Better Digestion

Curry is one of the most sought after ingredients when it comes to exotic food. People from all over the world know a good curry when they see one. Not only that, curry also plays an important role in our body.

Grilled Vegan Meal

Stay Full with the Right Plant-Based Diet

Some people has misunderstood the weight of plant based food to our body. Being healthy doesn't mean you won't eat any meat at all. If possible, you eat more plants than meat to keep a balanced diet.

Apples contain antioxidants

A Healthy Heart Means Eating the Right Food, Heart-Friendly Snacks at the Office - Popcorn is One of Them

Average Americans eat almost the same amount of food as they did in the early 70s. The amount of calories consumed between-meals has increased to about 580 calories per day. For workers, make sure to pack and bring heart-healthy foods to make sure you're on the right track.

Medical Tests and Antibiotics are harmful to out health

Experts say that Unecessary Medical Tests and Antibiotics are Harmful to our Health

Some medical experts actually said that medical tests and antibiotics aren't always the best way to treat our illness.

Man checking his blood sugar

Food Order can Help Control Blood Sugar and Weight Control According to Experts

Controlling blood sugar and want to lose weight? A research shows that it would be a better option to have the bread at the end of the meal and not at the start.

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