Utopia Challenged. Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Best Herbal Teas for A Sound Sleep

Herbal teas are considered the better sleep inducers than the black and green teas. They lack the tea leaves present in the black and green teas. Better to avoid the caffeine and go for herbal teas.

Berlin Inaugurates Gender-Neutral Toilets

Color of Urine Helps To Determine Health Issues, Experts Suggest

Although it might seem disgusting, yet the color of urine suggests possible health issues of an individual according to a recent study.

What they see is what they eat--Children eat more junk food when exposed to junk food ads

Children Eat More Junk Food When Exposed To Junk Food Ads, Study Claims

Another study confirms it: food commercials and ads of soda, sugar-based cereals and other 'unhealthy' food are extremely effective on children, crucial in shaping a child's diet and eating habits.

Microwaves are dangerous to health?

Did You Know Microwave Heating Your Food Can Be A Bad Idea?

A few decades ago, the microwave seemed to be the greatest invention on earth, allowing multiple cooking techniques and possibilities be realized with the small, contained and electric kitchen tool. But after all the microwave's glory years, a possibility that it can cause harm to human health is being considered by specialists.

Dieting doesn't have a break on weekends

Calories Still Count During the Weekends: Study says Binge-eating Junk Food is as Bad as Eating it All Week Long

If you think that having "cheat days" or if you believe that calories don't count on the weekends, you might probably reconsider your dieting battle plan.

Stop Stepping On It

7 Things That Can Happen When You Stop Weighing In Yourself Everyday

Is stepping onto the scale part of your morning routine? How about during post-workouts? Before going to bed? All of the above? Holly Lebowitz Rossi from lists down 7 things that could possibly happen after you say bye-bye to the bathroom scale.

Olive Oil is The Good Kind of Fat

18 Ways You are Dieting Wrong!

Have you ever wondered why your diet just don't work? You eat less, you stay away fro carbs and consume as little sugar as possible, but no weight loss, even a little? Maybe it's because you are following the wrong rules-rules that get you gaining instead of shedding off some pounds!

Leave it to the athletes!

10 Foods You Should Avoid Eating This 2016

According to registered dietitian Joel Feren​ and nutritionist Catherine Saxelby, there are some food that they advise us to avoid or actually stop eating in order to be healthier this year.

Wine and Chocolate

The Sirt Diet: Boosting Health and Aiding Weight loss through Red Wine and Chocolates

Feels like it's Valentine's Day Everyday! The Sirtfood Diet is for sure to be loved by many this 2016. The name of newest fad came about because of the so-called sirt rich foods. Imagine indulging in red wine and chocolate, yet being healthy as well? That maybe some people's idea of heaven.

Cold Drink Water

10 Baby Steps to A Healthier and Better You This 2016

You don't need to sign up for a gym membership or starve yourself and follow an extreme diet in order to stay true to your word, following these tips from health and fitness experts can help you reach your goal through baby steps.

New Year's Resolution

21 Ways To Stick To Your 'Lose Weight' New Year's Resolution

Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to fulfill our resolutions, to the point that we promise to change the same things over and over every time the new year is approaching?

Today - Season 62

Would You DO The Taco Cleanse?

Did you know that there are people who call themselves "Taco Scientists" in Austin, Texas? and they authored a new book called "The Taco Cleanse" (LINK)) which illustrates the ways on how to get healthy by eating tacos-only tacos everyday.

A man runs on a treadmill

The 5 Things You Should Be Doing On An Empty Stomach

While loading up the carbs and calories is essential for anything, some studies have justified that being hungry has its upsides too.

Wine being poured into the glass

Study Finds That Bigger Wine Glasses Makes People Drink and Spend More

A study suggested that wine drinkers that are served with bigger wine glasses will most likely consume more alcohol and spend more money as well.

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