Overeating during the holidays

Overeating During the Holidays? Here Is the Science as to What Happens When People Overeat.

Overeating During the Holidays? Here Is the Science as to What Happens When People Overeat.

Mother holding infant closely

According to Research, Kangaroo Style Mother Care May Be Beneficial to Preterm Babies

Babies who are born with a low birth weight that are held by their mothers skin to skin or what they call kangaroo style may have a lower risk of dying because of being premature.


Consuming 14 Grams of Almonds Daily is All You Need to Boost Your Health

The results showed that both the parents and children eating almonds have an increased result for their protein food, seafood, plant proteins and fatty acids, while they ate fewer empty calories.


Study Reveals Almonds Can Help Improve the Quality of the Diet

Eating a moderate amount of almonds every day may enrich the diets of adults and young children, according to a new study.

Back Pain? Take care of your spine

Back Pain? Here are Some Helpful Tips to Take Care of Your Spine

Taking care of the spine will assure us of a lower risk of spine pains and problems

Matcha Green Tea  Cream

Coco Matcha Cups: A Sweet Treat That Can Be Enjoyed Guilt-Free

Let's take the case of Matcha Tea. Aside from making them only sugar free, Matcha green tea is also loaded with L-theanine which is known to improve brain function and relieves stress.

Boy eating chocolates

Children and Chocolates: Why Some Kids Can't Resist Well Like Others

Wonder why kids can't resist sweets? The answer is in their genes.

Heart disease

Heart Diseases: Number 1 Cause of Death Worldwide According to a Study

Switching to a healthier lifestyle and lowering the risk of heart diseases and others may be the answer to avoid any problems with serious diseases.

Little girl with Chocolate

Study: Children With High Sensitivity to Sugar Are More Likely to Become Obese

Logic would suggest that the less sugar-sensitive—those who need to add more sugar to get the hit of sweetness—would be more likely to be obese, right? Not according to new research.

Jude Law & Cameron Diaz

Who's to Blame? Nostalgia Found to Be the Reason Why People Love to Watch Reruns

Turns out there's a reason you can't get enough of those reruns, even if you've seen them a million times.


Probiotics: Experts Probe on the Belief That Probiotics Work to Protect Our Gut [VIDEO]

Consuming probiotics to improve your health and protect your immune system has gained quite a bit of traction in recent years, becoming similar to the “superfood” trends of kale and avocado.

Different types of Alcohol

Hangover Resistant Gifted People – What's Their Secret?

Based on studies, a quarter of people do not suffer hangovers after a night of heavy drinking. What could be their secret?

Parent and child

Parents Take Caution: Even Preschoolers Can Exhibit Symptoms of Depression

It has become apparent that children as young as three years old can experience major depression.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Bacteria and Brown Fat Play Important Roles

There's another kind of fat - presumably the good kind since it helps burn the extra calories, produces hear and initiates weight loss.

Cancer Patients

Is Cancer Really the Disease for the Rich? Study Reveals That It May Not Be the Case

Increasing cancer rates across the globe may be a result of citizens' income level.

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