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Kraft Foods Raises $8.48 Billion in Year''s Biggest IPO

Why the Food Brands You Grew Up With Will Never Be the Same

Get ready to finally say goodbye to your childhood, as these food brands that you grew up with are changing their tunes, or more appropriately, their taste.

Tamir Gal serves up a freshly-roasted chicken in his restaurant

The Top 6 Foods Doctors Won't Eat and Why You Shouldn't Eat Them As Well

If ever you find yourself asking if your doctor munches on the same stuff that you do, wonder no more. The Daily Meal surveyed a group of doctors as to what foods they would consider "bad".

Kevin Smith

Celebrity Health Role Models You can Look Up To

It's quite hard to find much fat in Hollywood these days, this list puts more emphasis on being fit instead of simply looking fit.Read on to find out more.

Study Says Children Who Eat Veggies as Likely To Eat Junk Food

Study: Children Who Eat Veggies are Likely to Eat Junk Food

Researchers from Ohio State University recently found out that kids who regularly eat fruit and vegetables, as well as dairy products, are no less likely to eat foods rich in sugar, salt, and fat as those who rarely eat healthy foods.

Dash Diet

DASH Diet: Top Ranked Diet for 2016

Diet today is not associated with deprivation and rapid weight-loss anymore. It is centered in attaining a healthy eating pattern, with the proper exercise as a means to a strong, lean body to not only survive, but to thrive in life.

Christmas Party

You Don't Need To Worry About Your Health During Holidays

It is hard to keep track on what you're eating during the holiday season. Tips on how to stay healthy over the holidays are all over the web well, in fact, you don't need to worry about your health during this time of the year.

Fish Oil

Experts Say that Fish Oil Help Burn Those Excess Fats Around the Waist

Fish oil activates the digestive tract receptors, induces the nervous system and the storage cells to burn fat faster. The fat tissues don't store all the fat.

canned beans

Want Better Diet? Canned Fruits and Vegetables Linked to Healthier Diet

In a recent U.S Study, it was found that people who eat canned fruits and vegetables may lead a healthier diet in life compared to those people who do not consume canned goods. Is that even possible?

Choose healthy foods than piling up on milk and milk products that are high in calories.

Diet and Weight Loss: The Best Ways to Eat Food and Be Healthy

You may have already decided what kind of diet you want to be on to lose weight or just to maintain your slimness. Or you may be one of those who are on a "yo-yo" diet because neither one works for you. Have you gone low-carb? Low-fat? Paleo? And these haven't worked for you? There's a simple formula that can help you lose weight.

Avocados and How To Enjoy This Super Food

Avocados and How Best To Enjoy This Super Food

Avocados and How Best To Enjoy This Super Food

Slimmer This CHristmas

Get Slimmer This Christmas! A Possibility!

The downside of the Christmas merriments however are the pounds gained and the flabs that starts to get everyone's attention.

San Francisco To Ban Non-Recyclable Plastic Bags

'Ginger Power' Studies Reveal that Ginger Kills Cancer Cells

Who would have though that ginger is effective in elimintating cancer?


How a Spoonful of Sugar Before Physical Activities Makes a Difference

A new research suggested that adding a tablespoon of sugar into a bottle of water before any big physical event could help make a difference between success and failure.

Chicken Coupe Hosted By Whoopi Goldberg - Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented By FOOD & WINE

'Effective Diet Tips': Healthy Food Differ For Each Individual

Having an effective diet actually differs from each person's metabolism.

Curry Powder

Curry Leaves: Good Aid for a Better Digestion

Curry is one of the most sought after ingredients when it comes to exotic food. People from all over the world know a good curry when they see one. Not only that, curry also plays an important role in our body.

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