Healthy Diet
Grilled Vegan Meal

Stay Full with the Right Plant-Based Diet

Some people has misunderstood the weight of plant based food to our body. Being healthy doesn't mean you won't eat any meat at all. If possible, you eat more plants than meat to keep a balanced diet.

Indonesia Commemorates Buddha's Birthday

"Your Mind Changes Your Brain" How Meditation Changes the Brain's Pathways

Not only does it calm the mind, but meditation also changes the brain.

Eating in Excess

Things That Will Happen When You Skip A Meal

Missed eating breakfast, lunch or dinner? Be ready to face the consequences!


Personalized Nutrition: Is This The Key To Healthy Eating?

Diet fads come in different forms and variety. Know everything about personalized nutrition and see what's best for you.

Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

'Beer Belly' is More Deadly than Obesity

What caused beer belly and why is it more lethal than obesity?

Despite Price Rises The British Love Of A Cup Of Tea Endures

5 Cups of Tea a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

3-5 cups of tea a day can be beneficial to one's health.

Price Of Eggs Set To Rise As Avian Flu In Midwest Affects National Supply Chain

3 Fat Myths Debunked by Science

Fatty foods may be avoided or eliminated in one's diet thinking it does more harm than good. But who would have thought that some of these fatty foods that are being avoided are a total myth?

sunlight exposure

The Key to Have Good Bone Health Is to Have Enough Vitamin D and Calcium, Diet and Exercise

bBones are building up until the age of 30. During these years it is very important to have an adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D in order to help increase the peak bone mass.

Avoid Sweetened Drinks

Working out? Try to Avoid Eating These Kinds of Food As Much As Possible

Watch out! These foods can ruin your diet and perhaps will eventually mess up with your fitness goals.

Benefits From Regularly Eating Avocados

Benefits of Eating Avocados Regularly

The fact that avocados are full of healthy fats that has high nutrient value, everyone should consider eating avocadoes regularly.

Vegetarian Sandwich

Take These Vegetarian Lunch Sandwiches To Work And Stay Healthy

These vegan sandwiches are worth eating during lunch breaks but sharing them to friends are the best.

food platter

Eating 'Everything In Moderation' May Affect Metabolic Health

Recent study says that when you eat in moderation, you may worsen your metabolic health.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

Striking a Balance Between Exercise and Eating Healthy

When talking about exercise, there is no such thing as wrong exercise. One important thing to remember when exercising is to strike a balance between weights and cardio. Many people especially women think that by doing cardio it can help lose weight faster.

Wholesale Price Of Beef Rises to New High

Scientist Revealed the Truth About Red Meat

Scientist was able to point out the facts in regards to the health benefits of red meat.

Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona and Shakira

Shakira's Weight Loss: 'Can't Forget To Forget You' Singer Reveals Her Workout Secret

Shakira's gorgeous figure comes with hard work, which involves dance movements.

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