Healthy Diet
 Coffee Ingredients You Need to Avoid

7 Coffee Ingredients You Need to Avoid Adding to Your Cup

Caramel-flavored syrup? Think again. Here are the worst ingredients to put in your coffee because they aren't healthy in any way.

COVID-19 Patients Diet Foods to Eat and Avoid for a Fast Recovery

What COVID-19 Patients Should Eat and Avoid for Fast Recovery

COVID-19 patients have a compromised immune system, and proper nutrition is the most vital factor to watch out for the improvement of a patient's health. Here is a guide on what to eat and avoid during recovery phase.


Are You Eating Too Much Protein?

Too much protein may not be as great as it seems.

Diet Can Affect Scalp: Here's How to Solve Dandruff Problem

Diet: The Solution to Scalp Problems

A diet is one great factor to consider if you are having a problem with your scalp. Dandruff problem cannot always be solved using anti-dandruff shampoo. Hence, check your diet and discover the natural way on how to solve your itchy-flakey problem.

Pescatarian Diet

What Is the Pescatarian Diet? Here's What You Need to Know

Here are some facts you should know about the pescatarian diet.

Avocado Platter

10 Foods That Are Rich In Beneficial Minerals

Include these ten healthy and rich in minerals foods in your meal plan today!

Food World News - Benefits of Chia Seeds

6 Amazing Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods in the world and can give you more health benefits than you think.

Citing Rising Cost Of Ingredients, Hershey's Raises Prices 8 Percent

8 Super Food That Reduce Elevated Blood Pressure

While we avoid many food items, there are many items that can lower pressure levels as well.

High Tea

Can You Really Lose Weight By Following the Teatox?

Few years ago drinking tea has evolved into a diet trend which then resulted to a prolific business venture for many. Many tea detox or "teatox" companies offers a diet program consists of drinking their own brand if tea which guarantees weight loss in as fast as 14 days

New Study Links Coffee Consumption To Reduction In Liver Disease

Joule Bracelet Encourages Coffee Drinkers To Wear Caffeine

How many times you spend money on caffeine fix? Now that the magical bracelet is here, you can give up that brew and avoid coffee-crash mornings.

2016 ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards Luncheon - Inside

Oprah Winfrey Life Hacks: Host's 'Eat Bread, Lose Weight' Tweet Earns $3 Million an Hour

Only if you are Oprah Winfrey that a single tweet could possibly earn you $3 million in just one hour.

Fried Egg

Are Eggs Back to Being Healthy Again? It Depends Who You Ask

Probably no other food item had such a traumatic experience as the egg. And it’s not about the “which came first egg or chicken” trick question either. For the past decades, the egg was either hailed as the healthiest of foods available due to its nutrients or as being a demon coming from the deepest part of nutritional hell due to its cholesterol content.

A Sandwich Of Interest

Eat More, Lose More: How to Get Slim Tastefully!

Dieting doesn't have to be plain and boring. In fact, these tasty meals are essential ingredients that add flavor to your meals.

Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Healthier Diet May Reduce Risk of Diabetes & Heart Disease in Teens

Presently, the US teenagers are running the risk of a couple of health factors such as high cholesterol level and belly fat among other issues. However, the conditions are improving now, and according to researchers, healthier diet might be the cause.


Live Longer With Spicy Foods

A little chilli never hurt anyone, now studies have shown that a little, or even a lot of chilli can help you live longer. Forget the burn on your tongue, it barely even counts when you realize it may it significantly increase your lifespan.

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