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3 New Fast Food Items That Surprisingly Offer Healthier Grease

These fast food menu items that dropped this February are worth trying, even if it is just for a cheat day or a cheat week.

KFC and Pizza Hut To Launch Sustainable Initiative in China

KFC and Pizza Hut To Launch Sustainable Initiative in China

This is an initiative that everyone should support!

2021 Is Going To Be a Big Year for These Fast Food Chains

2021 Is Going To Be a Big Year for These Fast Food Chains

These fast food chains are going big this 2021. Who are you betting on?

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut and Wendy's Franchisee Files for Bankruptcy

Say farewell to Pizza Hut and Wendy's, well, at least some of them.


Top 8 Feel-Good Fastfood Chains

Eating at a fast food chain is the easiest way if not the cheapest. We often feel guilty as we enter a fast food chain because we know that fast food will always be reminded that it’s synonymous to “unhealthy.”

Burger King's 'Angry Triple Whopper'

Fast Food Price Wars – Customers Benefit from Incredibly Low-Priced Deals

The competition between top fast food chains is heating up, with the latest offering from McDonald starting February 29 where customers could pick two out of the four McDonald’s “iconic menu items” – a Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or a 10-piece order of Chicken McNuggets – for a low prize of $5.

Parent Company of KFC, Taco Bell, And Pizza Hut Report Strong Earnings

Food for Thought: Where Did Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurant Get Its Name?

Think about this: Would you be intrigued to try the flavors of a new restaurant if its name is not appealing?

Blake Shelton: On set With Pizza Hut To Launch New BBQ Pizzas

Saltiest Fast Foods In America: Did Your Fave Restaurant Make The List?

Fast foods, as the name suggests, come with a pretty bad reputation for the health enthusiasts.

Pizza Hut: This popular pizza chain is in America's top 8 food franchises.

8 Top Food Franchises in the US

Food chain franchise is often much more for people than a simple food business venture. For some it is a real estate purchase since the presence of food businesses, especially of the big chain type, tend to contribute to real estate value change. McDonald's Fast Food Franchises founder Ray Kroc, for example, once said: "We're not in the hamburger business. We're in show business." In the US, compiled this list of best franchises based on expansion plans, financial stability, and franchise opening cost and summarised in Franchise 500 scores.

KFC And Pizza Hut Restaurants Announce Smoking Ban

Pizza Hut Rolls Out Triple Treat Box for the Holidays

The new Triple Treat Box from Pizza Hut is a family meal like no other.

KFC To Stop Using Trans Fats

KFC Menu Adds Fried Chicken Pizza In Hong Kong – While Colonel Sanders Stars In Comic Book! [PHOTOS]

The chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken is well known for its odd creations involving their primary product, both within the United States and other franchises, most notably those in Asian countries; now, KFC menus get a new makeover, as they add an odd combination between fried chicken and pizza to their Hong Kong menus.

Pizza Hut Blockbuster

Pizza Hut boxes Turn into Movie Projectors [VIDEO]

Pizza Hut has just put a whole new spin on the term 'Movie Night'. Pizza Hut branches in Hong Kong have just started rolling out new specially designed pizza boxes that fold into a make shift movie projector.

Parent Company of KFC, Taco Bell, And Pizza Hut Report Strong Earnings

Taco Bell Artificial Flavors: Tex-Mex Chain And Yum! Brands Pizza Hut Going ‘Natural’ With Flavoring!

It's time for major changes in the fast food industry if it doesn't want to become completely obsolete and out of touch with its times, as patrons all over the world (and particularly in the west) are growing more tired of the way food's made in these decreasingly popular chains - and the latest step towards this is removing Pizza Hut and Taco Bell's artificial flavors from their menus!

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Opens in Iraq

As an effort to expand its brand, Pizza Hut has opened its first location in Iraq.

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