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Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Holiday Cup Color Combo Declare a War on Christmas

Starbucks Holiday Cup Color Combo Declare a War on Christmas

Tingling Sensation while eating certain food

That Tingling Sensation When Eating Certain Food is Quite Normal, Experts Say

This feeling comes from the salivary glands which produce saliva. But with some food or even just the thought of these certain foods causes the gland to over react.

Coconut oil

Stay Away From These Foods if You Want a Healthy Heart

Some food ingredients such as coconut oil or artificial sweeteners can also lead to a high risk of heart problems in the future.

Food Color-Coding System

Dubai's Food Color-Coding Scheme To Start in 2016, Will Aid in Checking Quality Food Establishments

The coding system will be rolled out in Dubai Municipality early next year. The municipality officer said they want to use this system to check and grade the level of food safety and hygiene in all of their food shops.

Pizza is the most addictive food

Most Addictive Food Award Goes to...Pizza!

Pizza Tops The List as The Most Addictive Food. When you ask people what they want to eat at almost any given time of day, there is only one answer: pizza.

Water Packed Foods

Food That Can Keep You Hydrated, Even Without Water

People can actually add some water-packed food into their daily meal and combine it with water for best hydration.Keep yourself hydrated and try these water-packed foods.

Dangerous Food and Drug Combinations

Food and Drug Combinations That Can Have Deadly Results

There are some medications that have dangerous and even deadly results when it is mixed with the wrong food.

App that can help reduce food waste

Need Help with Food Inventory and Reduce Food Waste? There's an App for That!

Brianna McGuire said that when she created this app she thought that she wanted to do something about the almost 20 pounds of food waste that the average American throw in the trash every month.

Green Tea can improve your metabolism

Proven Benefits of Green Tea: Study Shows It Helps Boost Metabolism

green tea's magic is said to be present even in ice-cream. Many green tea drinks and pills that are on sale claim that it can really help you burn more fat.

sunlight exposure

The Key to Have Good Bone Health Is to Have Enough Vitamin D and Calcium, Diet and Exercise

bBones are building up until the age of 30. During these years it is very important to have an adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D in order to help increase the peak bone mass.

Exercise for People with Autism

Adults with Autism: Boosting Confidence with an Exercise Program

The University of Calgary paved the way for a special program for people with autism. In that place, they can perform a series of circuit workout and drills which can make them feel more comfortable and at ease.

Sweat while exercising on a hot day

Hot Weather Workout: Keep Cool as it can Cause Health Complications and Even Death

The blue skies and the hot temperatures make outdoor exercise close to impossible especially for someone taking their first steps to fitness.

People with Type 2 Diabetes

The Easiest Exercise Routines May Help Lower Blood Pressure for Overweight People

Researchers said that with a few minutes of easy exercise every day could help lower blood pressure for overweight and obese people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Karate class

Karate: Winning is Not Everything According to One Trainer

Learning martial art has its benefits but self defense isn't also the reason.

Avocados and How To Enjoy This Super Food

There's No Such Thing as SuperFood, Experts Say

There is no official term and definition of the term "superfood" and the EU has not approved any health claims printed on the packaging unless they can provide a document that there is a scientific study that has proven it.

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