Nike Shoes Update: New Sneaker Features Premium Chicken and Waffles Dish

Apr 02, 2016 05:48 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia

Chicken and Waffles
Nike introduces a new pair of shoes inspired by chicken and waffles.
(Photo : Elliot/Wikimedia Commons)

Everyone's favorite dish is the new 'menu' in Nike's skateboarding sneaker line, SB Dunk High. Inspired by our favorite savory chicken and the sweetness of waffle, the theme is literally featured on the sneakers, along with the waffle texture and syrupy drizzle on Nike's logo. Peeping on the insole parts of this high top themed-shoe, the chicken and waffle graphics make them a complete set of a toasty dish.

The simple yet unusual inspiration was actually Nike's original innovator Bill Bowerman idea in 1970 when he made a breakfast using a waffle iron. He wondered if he could reverse the pattern and formed a construction using raised grid nubs - which later lends its texture to the sneaker soles.

Describing the shoes as the 'soul food for your feet', Nike's official website explains that 'Chicken and Waffles' is Nike SB pros favorite meal.

Hearing the thought, the team began the design of this wearable premium waffles using ingredients such as 'special waffle woven fabric for the upper', 'chicken and waffles artwork on the insoles, 'zoom air heel units for cushioning', '2 flexible rubber SB Dunk outsoles' and of course, 'sweet syrupy swoosh x 4'.

Nike is fond of bizarre things when it comes to designing footwear. For the record, before the sweet savory dish was created, the sporting goods giant has released dessert inspired sneakers with iridescent colors from the famous Paris' macaron, Strawberry cheesecake, and English dessert.

The brand creation is no doubt, looking good on everyone's feet, even if you're not into skateboarding. Sneaker is a highly anticipated good in our culture. Sneakerheads would estimate the drop dates weeks before; and camp out the night before, just to lay their hands on a famous sneaker set. Nike's high top sneakers are ready to kick on April 2 for $110.

This is by far, the most delicious waffles you could ever wear. If only it smelled of maple syrup, too!

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