Free Food! This generous community in the Bronx gives free food for anyone in the city

A community in the Bronx gives free food for everyone during the pandemic.


10 remarkable foods that are rich in starch

Check out what foods are high in starch and be mindful of your starch intake.

Fried Rice

This BBC host leaves Asians feeling hysterical after washing cooked rice

Asians went crazy after this BBC host washed rice after cooking it.

Chicken Sandwich

America's Most Craved Pandemic Food? Crispy Chicken Sandwiches DoorDash Reveals In Reports

DoorDash reports show that America orders chicken sandwiches most since the pandemic began.

Chicken and Fries

Burger King's Chicken and Fries Sharing Box Is Back!

Chicken and fries in one shareable box? Burger King is definitely stepping up their game!

Gigi Hadid

Reverse YELP!? Restaurant Hostess Rates Celeb Customers on TikTok

This waitress doesn't only wait tables, she turning the tables on celebrities. No more of them one-sidedly voicing their opinion about this girl's restaurant, she's letting everyone know what kind of customers they are as well.

Taco Bell Hacks

Taco Bell Menu Hacks You Should Not Miss Out On

Here are some smart Taco Bell hacks that you need to try on their menu.

Gordon Ramsay

Fans Mock Gordon Ramsay After Seeing This in His Fridge

You won't believe what's in Gordon Ramsay's refrigerator that has netizens flipping out.


World-Renowned Chef Dominique Crenn 'Fights off the Effects of the Pandemic'

Hear what Dominique Crenn has to say about the effects of the pandemic on the food and business industry.

Food World News - Families of Restaurant Employees Affected by COVID-19 to Receive Grants from CORE and Capital One

CORE to Give Aid to Restaurant Employees Affected by COVID-19

Families of restaurant employees who were affected by COVID-19 can now opt for eligibility for a grant from CORE and Capital One.


Some Restaurants to Stay Closed for up to a Year Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The pandemic has caused so much damage, especially to food businesses and establishments.

Robert Unanue

Goya Sparks Arguments After CEO Praises President Donald Trump

Goya CEO Unanue praises President Donal Trump and receives boycott as a backlash.

Fresh Farm Tomatoes

World's Best-Tasting Tomato Discovered!

Tomatoes are very healthy, especially when it's freshly picked.


Starbucks Branch Writes 'Isis' on Muslim Woman's Coffee Cup

A 19-year old Muslim teenager filed a human rights complaint against a Starbucks barista after she received a Starbucks ordered labeled "ISIS."

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut and Wendy's Franchisee Files for Bankruptcy

Say farewell to Pizza Hut and Wendy's, well, at least some of them.

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Food Tech
Philippines Study Coconut Oil as Potential Treatment for COVID-19 Disease

Philippines Study Coconut Oil as Potential Treatment for COVID-19 Disease

The Philippines looks to study virgin coconut oil as a possible treatment for COVID-19.

Walmart Starts Testing Drone Delivery

Walmart Starts Testing Drone Delivery

Walmart kicked off its drone delivery pilot through a collaboration with the drone delivery company Flytrex.

How IoT Makes the Food Industry Safer

How IoT Makes the Food Industry Safer

Across the industrial spectrum, the number of organizations buying into technology related to the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to proliferate at an epic pace. Many companies have already realized the transformational advantages of the IoT.

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