Are you sick of the boring oatmeal for breakfast?

WATCH: 5 Delicious and Easy To Make Overnight Oats Recipes

If you have no time to prepare and have breakfasts daily, then these recipes are perfect for you! Recently, a new food trend became popular and this fad involves the healthiest ingredients: oats, milk and fruit.


Facts You Probably Didn't Know About One of America's Most-Loved Food – Eggs!

Americans love their eggs. Dubbed as the "perfect whole food", eggs are a great source of protein, fats, and vitamins. But as much as you love your eggs for all they're worth, there is a number of surprising things you are yet to find out about this staple breakfast food.

Fatigue can set in even after a full night’s sleep.

7 Surprising Reasons Why Fatigue Sets In Even After a Full Night's Sleep

Habits, food, environment, rest, activities, healthy are among the many factors that affect well-being, particularly an individual's energy level. Although many attribute tiredness and a sense of fatigue to insufficient sleep, and ultimately sleep debt, the truth is that humans can operate at optimum levels without the complete 8-hour sleep. In fact, quite a few find that the sense of tiredness may still pervade despite sufficient sleep.

Why Breakfast Is Important Especially for Kids!

Why Breakfast Is Important Especially for Kids!

Everybody knows how important eating breakfast is before going to school or work. Here are recent researches about why no parent should allow their kids to miss their breakfast before facing another day.

French Toast

A Soggy French Toast Isn't Really The Right French Toast

A perfect French toast has crispy round edges, filled with delicious custard and topped with maple syrup sweetness. Although French toast is commonly served for breakfast, the website Real Simple says most people are doing it wrong.


Skipping Breakfast: Does It Really Make You Fat?

According to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, "not eating breakfast has been associated with excess body weight." The Independent reports this government health advice is questioned by further studies, including a New York hospital research saying skipping "the most important meal of the day" may actually help people lose weight.

Are Government Breakfast Guidelines Wrong About Morning Meals and Weight Gain?

Are Government Breakfast Guidelines Wrong About Morning Meals and Weight Gain?

As outlined in the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, skipping breakfast is bad for the health as it will trigger weight gain. The conventional wisdom about eating breakfast that will help a person lose weight contradicts in a recent study. And as have been said by scientists that skipping breakfast can actually make a person gain weight. However, in a recent study stated that the whole "breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

One Ingredient Should Add For a Nutritional Breakfast

One Ingredient A Nutritional Breakfast Should Have

The addition of just one ingredient can drastically change a meal into a nutritional powerhouse. The small-but-mighty sunflower seeds can transform a breakfast cereal into a nutritional breakfast as sunflower seeds have the highest natural source of the powerful antioxidant vitamin E.


McDonald's vs. Taco Bell

It's official. McDonald's and Taco Bell are at war and it has gone viral.


McDonald's to Offer Free Coffee for Breakfast: Desperate Move for Customers

McDonald's has announced that they are officially offering free coffee for a limited time.

English muffin breakfast sandwich

Teens that Avoid a Healthy Breakfast May Develop Metabolic Syndrome

Want to be healthier? Eat a nutritious breakfast. Scientists have now found that eating in the morning is more important than ever. It turns out that teenagers who consume a poor breakfast actually display a higher incidence of metabolic syndrome 27 years later.

Breakfast burritos

New Year Healthy Recipe: Breakfast Burritos

New Year Healthy Recipe: Breakfast Burritos


Perfect Popovers

The popover is an American version of Yorkshire pudding. Popovers can be served topped with butter, fruit, or whipped cream as breakfast. They are also can be served at dinner with meat dishes.

Brussels Waffle

Different Types of Waffle

There are many types of waffle in the world. Here we introduce 10 different types of waffle among them.

Belgian Waffle

Weekend Breakfast: Belgian Waffle

In a bowl, sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.

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