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Soylent-Only Liquid Diet: The Future of Weight-Loss or Another Fad?

Soylent is a pre-mixed beverage which promises to provide the required dietary nutrients for a healthy body. Complete vitamins and minerals are present in this drink which led some people to believe it is enough to live on soylent-only diet even without the consumption of solid food. With the release of the new and improved Soylent 2.0, people are asking is the Solent-only liquid diet good for you?

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Eat more Protein; Stay Full Longer--Studies Say

Now, eating less carbs and loading up on protein makes more sense. According to a new study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has found out that eating food with a higher protein content makes people feel fuller after each meal.

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Lose Weight and Fight Diabetes Using this High Fat Diet

There is a resurgence in the ketogenic diet as it has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, improve insulin resistance and promote weight loss. This high-fat low carb diet might be the ideal diet for diabetes management as well as for people trying to lose excess weight.

Josie Gibson Launches Her New Diet Website 'Slimmables'

Hidden Dangers of Relying Too Much on Weight Loss Supplements

Know the risks of taking too much weight loss supplements.

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10 Good Reasons You Should Quit Drinking Soda ASAP!

If chronic diseases aren't enough justification for you to stop you from indulging, here are other 10 things that will happen to your body once you stop gulping or even sipping!

Weight Loss Techniques: Lisa Lillies Suggest Tech Savvy Ways of Shedding Pounds

Weight Loss Techniques: 'Hungry Girl' Author Suggest Tech Savvy Ways of Shedding Pounds

The popular Hungry girl website’s author Lisa Lillien has now come up with yet another rows of ideas to lose weight in a smart way. Bingo! The new release is the tech savvy ways of shedding the extra pounds.

5 Risky Diets You Should Stay Away From

5 Risky Diets To Stay Away With

The people carrying extra pounds with them are ready to go to any extreme just to cut off at least a few pounds of their body. A thin waistline is what everyone is craving.

Is eating low carb worth it?

5 Negative Effects Of Low Carb Diet

Almost every person who wanted to shed off some pounds has considered-if not doing the low carb diet.

Low-Sugar Fruits To Improve Your Health

Eat More Food to Lose More Weight, As Long As It's Fruit

It's probably the last thing you want to do when you are on a diet, but a new study shows that eating more could actually help you lose weight.

Lose Weight By Eating

The Pound a Day Diet: Lose Weight by Actually Eating

By the looks of it, people are beginning to separate diet and punishment and slowly, these weight loss methods become more and more convenient to people, to the point that it is as if they are not dieting. The time has come for the diet that, we are guessing, everyone waits for, a diet which promises to make you lose weight by eating.

Stop Stepping On It

7 Things That Can Happen When You Stop Weighing In Yourself Everyday

Is stepping onto the scale part of your morning routine? How about during post-workouts? Before going to bed? All of the above? Holly Lebowitz Rossi from prevention.com lists down 7 things that could possibly happen after you say bye-bye to the bathroom scale.

Proposals on Improving Nutrition Facts Labeling On Food Products

Food Packs Should Show 'Activity Needed to Burn Off Calories' in Labels

To further broaden the knowledge of consumers about the food, they consume, the Royal Society of Public Heath (RSPH) pushes the addition of labels that shows how much activity would be needed to burn off the calories contained in the packaged food. Because the nutrition facts and breakdown can be a little too vague for everyday shoppers and buyers, the organization argues that people usually underestimate the needed work and exercise to burn the calories they eat in everyday goods.


Facts You Probably Didn't Know About One of America's Most-Loved Food – Eggs!

Americans love their eggs. Dubbed as the "perfect whole food", eggs are a great source of protein, fats, and vitamins. But as much as you love your eggs for all they're worth, there is a number of surprising things you are yet to find out about this staple breakfast food.

Diet Sodas May Create Same Heart Attack Risk As Regular Sodas

Diet Coke and Your Diet: Fizzy Drink Can Help You Lose Weight, True or False?

Diet coke or diet soda can allegedly help you lose weight. Ironically, the study done on diet coke and weight loss was funded by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Amy Steiner (C) leads a yoga class while dressed in Lululemon Athletica yoga clothes at the Green Monkey yoga studio

Be Fit Like Them: ‘My Diet is Better Than Yours’ Trainers Discuss Their Fitness Philosophies

If you are a follower of the show, then you can definitely shed a few pounds with the easy tips, which are being shared by the trainers.

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Peanut Butter

Reese's Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers Cup: Keto Diet Perfect?

Is the Reese's Ultimate Peanut Butter Lovers Cup perfect for keto dieters?

Nestlé Toll House

Nestlé Toll House Makes Baking Sparkly With New Disco Glitter Chocolate Chip Morsels

Nestlé Toll House releases new disco glitter chocolate chip morsels, which can make any of your chocolate creations cuter, prettier, and sparklier!

Klondike Cones and Klondike Shakes

Unilever Revolutionizes Dessert Time With Klondike Cones and Klondike Shakes

Unilever PLC is expanding the Klondike brand into two new categories by launching two new products - the Klondike Cones and Klondike Shakes.

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