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First Lady Michelle Obama hosts Farm-To-Table lunch for First Ladies from various countries at Blue Hill restaurant after touring the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture on Sept. 24, 2010 in Pocantico Hills, Westchester County, New York.

What Does A Farm-To-Table Restaurant Concept Mean?

When we talk about a farm-to-table restaurant, we actually refer to an eatery where the ingredients are sources locally as far as possible. In other words, the ingredients need to be fresh and go directly from the farm to the table, passing through no or the least series of middlemen, if any.

McDonald's Retains Rank As Largest Single Restaurant Brand In The World According To 2012 Sales Report

McDonald's Drops 'I'm Lovin' It' Tag Line? What's Next?

Since posting a 30% quarterly drop in profit last October, McDonald's Chief-Executive-Officer, Don Thompson, has announced that changes would be coming to the McEmpire, including fewer menu options and new customization of both sandwiches and value meals.

NYC Begins Enforcement Of Calorie Count Postings At Chain Restaurants

Calorie Labelling In Menu Items Postponed

FDA will move the implementation of the calorie labeling on menu items next year as it is still finalizing guideline for retailers.

Food 4 Less Opens First Store In Chicago

Athens Kroger Explains Unisex Bathroom Move

An Athens Kroger gives a reason for its decision to provide a unisex bathroom to customers and employees with a sign that’s gone viral online.

Concerns Over Bird Flu Continues To Effect Thailand's Chicken Industry

South Korea Slaughters 11, 000 Ducks: Bird Flu Fears Revived

South Korea has culled more than 11,000 ducks as a preventive measure against the bird flu.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Detroit Tigers

Ballparks Releases Gut-Busting Food as Baseball Snacks

Baseball is an important American leisure activity that flags the start of spring. And a tour to the ballpark wouldn't be complete without some great grub.

Moves To Grow GM Crops In Britain Rejected By British MPs

GMO Labeling Update: Vermont Got Big Food Companies to Label GMOs

Over the previous week, several companies such as General Mills, Mars and Kellogg have reported plans to mark genetically modified items despite the fact that they don't believe it's a smart thought.

Lindt Premium Chocolate Party

Lindt Chocolate To Release Edible Emojis In June

Emoji's online presence can now be shared in the real world.

Barmen Cocktail Congress In Madrid

Bar Month's Best Milwaukee Drink Announced

In March every year, OnMilwaukee celebrates their "Bar Month". They tally and announce the best drink in their neighborhood. This year, Wicked Hop's Bloody Mary was proclaimed the "Best Milwaukee Drink of 2016".

Thousands Of San Francisco Area Restaurants Turn Food Waste Into Fertilizer

Iowa's Hy-Vee Store To Sell Recycled Food Waste For 'The Right Thing'

The table scraps and unsold cabbages dumped to landfills are no longer reaching the end of their use as they're now put into recycled mode.

Organic Food Maker Annie's Stock Rises Sharply After IPO

$1000 Ranch Dressing On Display Since 2014 Sold In Dallas Pizzeria

A man spent $1000 for a ranch dressing in Dallas Texas. In 2014, Cane Rosso a Dallas pizzeria made viral headlines when they charged $1000 for a Hidden Valley ranch dressing. Since then, the overpriced dressing was displayed because no one dared shell out a thousand dollars for ranch dressing. And to the surprise of many, the famous dressing was sold last Monday.

Rolex Big Boat Series

California To Vote On $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Proposal

An initiative calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage is set to be voted on by November. The increase will span 5 years with a $1 an hour increase each year until 2021.

Bubble Tea Is Popular Trend In Europe

Bubble Tea Stages Comeback: New York Goes Crazy Over Asian Tea

Bubble tea was first invented in Taiwan in the '80s and is recently starting to make a comeback.

Girls Aloud: Photocal

Kit Kat Changes Name: Yummy Choco Wafer Is Now Big Kat?

Kit Kat is planning to release a bigger Kit Kat variety into the market.

L.A. City Council Proposes Ban On Fast-Food Chains

Church's Chicken Starts Selling Honey-Butter Biscuit Chicken Tenders

Church's Chicken is upping the competition among the fried chicken sellers with the presentation of the chain's new Honey-Butter Biscuit Tenders.

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Food Biz
Attitudes to food waste in Russia

Throwing out food: Attitudes to food waste in Russia

Throwing out food: Attitudes to food waste in Russia

5 Foods That Will Help Detoxing From Alcohol

5 Foods That Will Help Detoxing From Alcohol

5 Foods That Will Help Detoxing From Alcohol

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WineCrisp Apples

Disease-resistant apples perform better than old favorites

Disease-resistant apples perform better than old favorites

New tool could help maintain quality during cheese production

New tool could help maintain quality during cheese production

New tool could help maintain quality during cheese production

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